Garena Free Fire: Three ways to practice your skills

Garena Free Fire: Three ways to practice your skills

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Garena Free Fire remains one of the hottest video games on the planet, not only in mobile but in gaming as a whole. A mobile-exclusive Battle Royale, Free Fire is known for its 50-player style BR, which is a lower number than most of its competition.

Aside from the typical BR action, there are a couple of other modes as well, in particular, Clash Squad mode which plays a bit more traditionally with a four-on-four style. This has become a popular mode amongst FF players and it only takes a few seconds to get into a game.

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But, how does one work on their game when not in the heat of battle? There is one particular really good way, but there are a couple of others as well. If you're brand new or if you haven't played Free Fire yet, here are a couple of ways to sharpen those shooting skills.

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Shooting Range

Probably the most obvious of the tips, there's a nice little shooting range that you can visit in Garena Free Fire to help sharpen your skills. It can be hard to see, but when you go in to select a game mode, you'll see "Training Mode" at the bottom, in small text.

Click on this and then hit "Start". You'll be dropped immediately into the training zone. Here, you can shoot targets at will. You can grab virtually any weapon you like from the back area and test them out. There's even a dummy that you can wail on as well.

The fake player that you can attack is good because not only can you shoot him, but you can use your melee moves on him too. So you can do a little bit of everything here to work on your skills and become a pro.

Combat Zone

Within the shooting range area in Garena Free Fire is a nifty Combat Zone spot. This is probably one of the cooler areas in the game. It's endless combat mayhem between you and many other players who come in and out. This zone lets you test your abilities against others around the world, but in a stress-free environment.

For a practice area, the map is terrific, set in what appears to be an abandoned amusement park. It would be cool if that became a Clash Squad map one day. But anyway, you'll be able to take whatever weapons out there you like and can leave at any time.

This is really an innovative way to do a practice mode. Sometimes, the best form of training is to battle your own kind out there. This really gives you the chance to do that and do so in a fun way. One small thing of note is that, when players are killed, they drop dead instead of crawling on their knees injured like in other modes.

Casual Battle Royale

So this is more a roll of the dice but, when playing in casual Battle Royale's, you'll be playing against bot opponents. This is a great way to get in some practice. This, especially if you prefer to play BR versus a mode like Clash Squad.

You should be able to take out your foes with relative ease. This helps your awareness on the battlefield and knowing where the enemies are. Paying attention to the map and keeping an eye out for red arrows alerts you of their location. You just won't have to worry about aggressive players but instead, bots who don't shoot much and run away when you attack (probably so they can heal).

Just make sure to monitor your health. Just because it's bots, doesn't mean you can't slowly lose some health along the way. So make sure to still pay attention to your health as you carve through the bots. Again, this happens at random, but if you do notice the bots, then feel free to get in some target practice.

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