Free Fire has launched the new Mesmerizing Nights Elite Pass

Free Fire has launched the new Mesmerizing Nights Elite Pass

Garena’s Free Fire has been coming up with some interesting Elite Passes for some time now. Last month we ventured into the Quantic Unknown, a void filled with sinister energy and scorpions. The edgy bundle followed a purple and black colour scheme inspired by streetwear. It is built upon players’ aggressiveness and feeling of danger while playing Free Fire.

Taking a step further, the new Season 41 Elite Pass for Free Fire draws inspiration from the Arabian Nights. It has been titled Mesmerizing Nights. Garena described the characters in this Elite Pass as a man who courts danger and a woman who tames the wild, with none of the 1001 folk tales of the Arabian Nights being able to describe the story of these two travellers. Our hero’s bundle is called the Sultan of Lapis Bundle, which features a magical lamp, and our heroine features in the Sultanah of Cerulea Bundle, which is decorated with an hourglass.

Arabic culture is heavily inspired by the colour white. This Elite Pass has been designed to be a reflection of that and most of the pass has been modelled with a white colour scheme and a dash of gold to add some royalty to it. After all, you are playing as a Sultan or Sultanah. Alongside the elegant white and gold we have shades of red and blue to create an absolutely magical atmosphere.

While you can’t rub a magic lamp to make three wishes, your wish can be fulfilled by the in-game Dome of Genie box drop. The flying carpet’s replacement is the Magic Carpet Surfboard alongside another super-fast Mesmerizing Nights motorbike. Other event-exclusive rewards include the Genie Summoner’s Sack Backpack and the Mesmerizing Nights M249 and SPAS12 weapons. Finally, show off your Arabian vibes with the Fancy Steps emote.

Get your hands on the Mesmerizing Nights Elite Pass (S41) by downloading Free Fire for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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