GameSir launches X4 Aileron mobile controller with wrap-around feature

Claims to fit most Android devices

GameSir launches X4 Aileron mobile controller with wrap-around feature
  • GameSir's new X4 Aileron controller claims to be a true one-size-fits-all
  • Can it measure up? And why are peripherals such a difficult game anyway?
  • We've got all the details for you right here

When it comes to gaming peripherals, one of the biggest issues for players and manufacturers alike is the sheer breadth of devices out there. Obviously, you can count on iPhones to be roughly the same size (until they aren't) but if you start looking at Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers the size and shape start to vary wildly. Most peripheral makers try to get around this with a one-size-fits-all approach. But what if you could change the size of your controller completely to fit virtually any current phone?

Well, that's what GameSir's latest controller, the X4 Aileron, offers. Naturally, it comes with all the gubbins that you expect - highly responsive, anti-drift, low-latency and all that jazz. GameSir say it'll be compatible with 'most' Android phones, and that's thanks to what they call 'telescopic' features, but which we've argued back and forth about and have finally termed just 'wrap-around'. Essentially the controller clicks together when not in use, and instead of extending on a back, will simply wrap onto each side of the phone, meaning it should, theoretically, fit any kind of phone you have.

Naturally, you can also customize it to your heart's content with all the RGB lightning, trigger modes and whatnot your heart could desire. But whether or not people pick up the controller en masse might depend on how well it fulfills its promise to fit around any size phone, although GameSir are very eager to point out all the benefits have a free back to your phone will boast.

Wrap-around A photo of the X4 Aileron controller.

As we said, there's really something to be examined here when it comes to the main issue with creating peripherals. Admittedly, things aren't as bad as the days when you had to either use a tiny keypad or something like the Nokia N-Gage (if you remember how divisive that was), but the sheer variety of devices means even incremental differences make standardising controllers a major hassle.

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