GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro controller review - "One controller to rule them all"

With all kinds of third-party controllers on the rise - from designs with phone mounts to the ones where your phone cradles snugly into the controller itself - competition can be tough when everyone's clamouring for the same slice of the pie within the mobile market. GameSir's latest entry into wireless controllers aims to take things a step further with the T4 Cyclone Pro - a robust new peripheral that boasts Anti-drift Hall Effect sticks to give your controller a longer lifespan.

The multi-platform compatibility also guarantees that you won't have to lug around multiple controllers for all your handheld devices. But while it all looks good on paper, is it truly the only controller you'll ever need from here on out?


I know I'm not supposed to judge stuff based on their so-called covers, but the way the T4 Cyclone Pro is presented really does add to the overall experience of the device. In particular, while there's nothing fancy about the box itself, I like the tiny detail of the inner box that tells you to "pull to unbox", as if opening the package is part of the controller's features (it certainly makes it unique from other devices I've tried).

That said, the controller itself offers a no-nonsense and sturdy build that doesn't feel like it'll easily come apart after a few bouts of rage-quitting. I admit I'm not too big a fan of the many buttons (I'm a simple gamer with simple wants - chuck your typical analogue sticks and ABXY buttons in there, and I'm a happy camper), but I do like the clickety-clackety feel of the buttons very, very much. The tactile satisfaction is thanks to the controller's "5-million-click micro switches", which, when coupled with the soft pads, make for a comfortable spamming experience that feels crisp yet still pretty cushioned.

Plus, for someone whose palms get sweaty fast during more intense sessions, I appreciate the dotted grip around the handles as well, and I like how - unlike other controllers - the size of the whole thing doesn't feel too big for my tinier Asian hands. Suffice it to say that I won't be getting any arm strain from gaming on it for long hours (to the delight of my tennis elbows).


The stars of the show here are the Hall Effect analogue triggers that can effectively get rid of the dreaded stick drift. Additionally, the T4 Cyclone Pro comes decked to the nines with extra features like being able to adjust vibration sensitivity and button mapping, which you can customise with the GameSir app. For some reason though, the app, when downloaded from the App Store, only shows me some kind of "Nova" model and can't detect my controller. On my Android device, the app isn't even available on Google Play at all.

This might just be a regional thing, but it's not really a dealbreaker for me as I don't really like customising my buttons that much. In fact, I often accidentally press the 2 back buttons that you can supposedly customise to your liking, so it's best for me not to assign those to any action, to be honest.

What I do love about the controller is that it's compatible with iOS, Android, and PC, which truly means I can stash my old controllers away and just keep this one as my go-to controller. Bluetooth connectivity is a bit tricky though, as it all boils down to memorising which button combination pairs the T4 Cyclone Pro with which device.

There's a manual for it, of course, but it's presented with this huge piece of paper that honestly made me feel like I was navigating an old-school map with all the many folds and the clunkiness of it all (clumsy me even managed to tear a certain section while struggling to unfold it to its full size). The colour indicator on the main home button tells you which device you're connected to, but it's still a matter of figuring out and remembering which button to hold down together when you're connecting to a certain device.


I do kind of wish there was a more obvious indicator that tells you where you're connected, but once I figured out that initial pairing, I didn't encounter any issues while playing. The low-latency wireless dongle that comes in the package is also just a simple plug-and-play affair with no convoluted installations needed - a convenient option that comes in handy when you just can't be bothered to memorise those colour indicators.

Of course, in the worst-case scenario, you can always connect the controller via the included USB-C cable, which also doubles as your charging cable. Over where the USB-C port is located is the groove for your phone holder, which, while it's something you have to buy separately, adds a nice little option for you if you prefer mounting your phone on the controller as opposed to using Bluetooth.

Compared to the 8BitDo Ultimate Bluetooth Controller, the T4 Cyclone Pro isn't as sleek and minimalist as I'd like. At £55.99, there's also no charging dock, or a way to stash the wireless dongle for gaming on the go. It does, however, trump the 8BitDo with its multi-platform functionality, in my opinion, and that flexibility of the groove where you can possibly mount your phone.

In the end, while I won't be maximising the customisation features of the controller since I don't really need them, having the option to switch between devices with just a single controller is already a huge deal, especially for a mobile gamer.

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GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro controller review - "One controller to rule them all"

The GameSir T4 Cyclone Pro controller is a multi-platform wireless controller with Anti-drift Hall Effect sticks and a fantastic grip. There are far too many extra features for my basic needs, but the most important are the low-latency connections and the responsive performance. The tactile clicky buttons are a huge plus too, so if you're looking for a single controller for all your handheld needs, this might just do the trick.
Catherine Dellosa
Catherine Dellosa
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