Frostpunk, the acclaimed city-building survival game, is heading for both Android and iOS

Planned to release later this year

Frostpunk, the acclaimed city-building survival game, is heading for both Android and iOS
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NetEase Games has confirmed that they are partnering with 11 bit studios to port Frostpunk, an award-winning game, onto mobile. It has been confirmed that the game will be available for both iOS by the end of this year.

11 bit studios is a Warsaw-based game developer whose survival title, Frostpunk is a popular city-building survival videogame where you are among the few survivors on the Earth and your main duty is to ensure your survival along with protecting other survivors and the remaining infrastructure.

The mobile version looks to bring in the same elements along with the charm of the original. The developers claim that the title will allow players to experience the post-apocalyptic situation on Earth visually with the help of their mobile devices.

Apart from this, Frostpunk Mobile has planned all the possible ways to gather players with some unique features. They will include Roguelike Adventure, Law and Guild, Rare Animal Rescue Station, and Character Development can be seen in the upcoming title.

Following the official announcement regarding the partnership, Przemyslaw Marszal, the CEO of 11bit studios, said: “11 bit studios is on a quest to create high-quality meaningful entertainment. I believe we found the right partner who shares the same passion and wants to take the challenge. NetEase Games is a perfect choice. Together we are on the quest to bring an unforgettable game to iOS and Android.”

With the BAFTA-nominated game getting a port into the mobile devices is a piece of great news for the players who are fond of survival and post-apocalyptic genre games. As mentioned above, the title is supposed to come out for both iOS and Android. As of now, the publishers haven’t provided a date for the release, we will be sure to update you, as and when we learn more.

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