Frostpunk Mobile release date and the rest we know so far

You loved the Frostpunk on PC? Then we have some good news for you

Frostpunk Mobile release date and the rest we know so far
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When survival is the name of the game, nothing is excessive for assuring that you stay alive - especially in a post-apocalyptic world. And in FrostPunk, you have to do exactly that. A stunning-looking simulation game that features survival elements, crucial decision-making situations as well as dilemmas regarding human nature. Sounds exciting? You bet it is!

Simulation games are meant to "simulate" some of the most important aspects that you will often encounter in real life, so you should expect that it's not all just find and games (mind the pun). So, if you're eager to learn more about FrostPunk Mobile, then let's take a look at everything that we know about the game thus far!

What is Frostpunk Mobile?

FrostPunk is a simulation game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. A snow-filled world challenges players to survive in some of the harshest scenarios, all while under the pressure of making the right decision. Who will you help survive? What will be the best for yourself and your camp? These are questions that you will often ask yourself while playing the game.

But you may already know that good gameplay means nothing without the right graphics to complement it, and that's exactly what you will find in this game. If you've got a keen eye for detail, you'll notice that each NPC will leave footprints when walking in the snow, and not only - the snow will actually melt when the weather gets warm!

What's the release date for Frostpunk Mobile?

The Frostpunk Mobile will be released for testing later this year, so we should expect some pre-registrations links pretty soon! We'll keep you in the loop though, so don't worry - you won't miss a thing!

Update: We've got the pre-registration links for Frostpunk Mobile!

Is the game single-player or multiplayer?

At the moment, we know that FrostPunk Mobile will be a single-player game, with only 1 scenario. In the future, however, that might change!

Frostpunk Mobile vs Frostpunk

If you've already played FrostPunk on console or PC, chances are you know what to expect from its mobile counterpart. In short, it'll be pretty similar, except on a much easier, "handheld" platform. You'll have the same high-quality graphics, stunning single-player scenarios, and similarly difficult decision to make.

However, there is one aspect that will differentiate it from the PC version, and that will be the difficulty. In FrostPunk Mobile there will be 2 difficulty modes that you can choose from Endurance Mode and Serenity Mode.

Serenity Mode is basically the "easy" mode, and it could be compared to the Endless Mode, where things are a lot more manageable. On the other hand, Endurance Mode is the "hard" mode, where every resource and decision you make can really impact the game.

Can we play both modes?

Actually, yes. Players will be able to play both modes at the same time and have multiple saves. That can be done by toggling the Archives (multi-archive) in the Settings menu.

Is Frostpunk Mobile free-to-play?

The game will be free-to-play, but like many other mobile games, it'll have some microtransactions. You won't have any microtransactions in the Endurance Mode, but in Serenity Mode, you'll be able to find some building appearances (that cost a lot of rare resources), but you can also obtain those by just playing.

So, to give you a short answer, yes - there will be microtransactions, but you don't need to actually buy anything to unlock and enjoy every aspect of the game.