Friday Freebie: Waiting for God and Tennis Elbow

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Friday Freebie: Waiting for God and Tennis Elbow
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So, three months down the line and my internship is at an end, and with it my involvement in the Friday Freebie. Send your bereavement cards to the usual address - I’m sorry for your loss.

There's a lot to talk about this week, though, so at least I'm going out with a bang.

There’s nothing for your DS or DSi, of course, but who cares with the 3DS now on the horizon? Free dimensional games are not Nintendo’s forte.

But Sony, bless, will toss the occasional bone. This week, it takes the form of an ulna. Everybody’s Tennis can be sampled by downloading the free demo, and will also shield you from any actual sporting injuries.

Trailers for God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Gravity Crash PSP, EyePet PSP, and PSP mini, Sizzler, are also waiting for the more sedentary among you. However, on iPhone and iPod touch, things are, as ever, a little more active


In GodFinger, so the blurb goes, “everyone gets the Finger” – sounds offensive, but god games are rarely black & white. You can perform wonders with your digit, in a bid to impress the peons and turn them into followers.

Of course, you don’t have to be nice, and ruling through cruelty and fear is equally effective. Whichever route you take, your planet will continue to expand through your actions, providing ever more followers/slaves to play/toy with.

Best of all, you can even force your friends to treat you with the respect you deserve using Plus+ to turn them into worshippers.

That’s right friends, you will respect me...


Where can you go from GodFinger? To the hand of God, of course, and Golman will allow you to repel ball after ball no matter which part of the attacker’s body propelled it your way.

You will need friends, though, as the penalty shootouts that constitute this game are multiplayer only. And you will also have to sign in using your email, though the developer promises not to do anything untoward with your information.

If you’re happy with those two caveats, the game is free today, in conjunction with FreeAppADay.


Yet another castle defence title, this one goes the extra mile with highly detailed graphics, and a varied selection of spells and mercenaries who will stand in your enemies' path.

Tasked with defending the holy temple of God, the tone is suitably histrionic, and the violence bombastic. There are also plans for continued updates, and OpenFeint competitions.

Into The Twilight

Thankfully nothing to do with pubescent (and godless) vampires, Into The Twilight is actually an impressively handsome take on Canabalt. Presented in a silhouetted aesthetic somewhere between Nightmare Before Christmas and the Bewitched credits, the game is surprisingly good.

Running to the right constantly, all you have to do is tap the screen to jump over obstacles and gaps. So far, so familiar. But tapping lower down will also allow you to roll under obstacles, jump onto wheels, over enemies, or swing across gaps.

It’s as addictive as you’d imagine.

Tap Resort

Ok, no more mention of God, or his fingers. Tap Resort is yet another social network style time drain a la FarmVille, this one has you watch men in grass skirts or bad shorts wander around your resort, spending money and having a good time.

Clearly they know something I don’t, as I found it almost as dull as a real beach holiday. But for people who enjoy waiting days for anything to happen in their games, this will be like mana from heave...damn.

If you’re still hungry for more, you can, of course, have a read of the Trawler Report, which is chock full of price tag-less goodness. And don’t forget to download the free iPhone Podcast, which this week features a panegyric on the quality of the original Transformer toys compared to today's. Oh, and some stuff about E3.

And finally, please do keep an eye on Facebook, as we’re still putting promo codes regularly, each of which will net you a free, full priced game. Almost worth liking us for...