Golman's iPhone penalty shoot out now kicking off

Turn-based fun from 12 yards

Golman's iPhone penalty shoot out now kicking off
| Golman

We're currently being swept away in a wave of football game releases, but, spelling aside, Golman from developers Eipix and Ian Masters is a bit different.

A turn-based penalty shoot out challenge game, you preset where you want to kick the ball for your three penalty attempts within the 3 by 5 grid that's set out across the goal.

You also do the same in terms of your goalie's (or golman's) position for the three kicks your opponent will have.

Then you send out your challenge to your friend - via your in-game contacts or email - and let the game progress.

Ending in tears?

Of course, all games, goals and saves are tracked on leaderboards so you can see who's the best golman, with the developers - alongside publisher Yasoma - hoping activity in the game will pick up on the back of the World Cup buzz and be virally spread as the competition's momentum grows.

You can also customise your golman's outfit in terms of kit, head and hair etc, and create tauts that are sent as push notifications.

Check out Golman now, either via the full 99c, 59p version or try the free Lite version that only offers you a limited number of matches.

You can see how it works in the following video.

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