Friday Freebie: Black gold, finger fights...

...and all the free fuel you can drink

Friday Freebie: Black gold, finger fights...
| Friday Freebie

BP have reportedly now spent £900,000,000 on the clean-up operation in the Gulf of Mexico, pumping mud into a hole underwater (or, as they term it, “top killing”). If you can sink that much money into dirt, imagine how much might be lost on trying to stem the flow of black, sticky apps from the App Store.

What we need, then, is some way to save money – some way not to pay for them. Any ideas?

No, me neither. Ah well, let’s get on with the Friday Freebie instead.

PSP is cheap at the pumps this week (though only compared to usual), offering up a demo of Voodoo Dice, a Sack Circus Costume for LittleBigPlanet and, if you prefer watching games to playing them, a trailer for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.

If you're looking to buy a PSPgo, though, you can bag ten free games through Sony's latest offer.

Nintendo continues to play the aggressive land baron, and will only sell its drums of oil (and games) to the highest bidder.

Apple, meanwhile, is more than happy to let you siphon from its fuel tank, but don’t blame us if you get a mouthful of petrol in the process.

Burning Zombies EXTENDED is currently free for a limited time, in order to celebrate Kiai Games’s release of Skid Racer. In the game, you can employ Molotov cocktails and napalm air strikes in the defence of your trailer park. Highbrow stuff indeed.

Or you could try Finger vs Finger, a bizarre blend of curling, tiddlywinks, and drafts, in which you win by clearing the board of enemy pieces. This is achieved by flicking your pieces at your opponent's with enough force to push them outside of the boundaries, without falling off yourself.

Curiously addictive, and loaded with content (multiplayer on the same phone, wi-fi and adhoc, multiple play modes...) A veritable bargain.

Due to the recent global disaster, our trawler is off helping to clean up America’s shores, but despite this benevolence, has managed to send back a report using morse code.

And, even though Tracy Erickson is currently convalescing in the care of the RSPCA after being coated in black gold, and Alex Rennie is scouring the beach for seal meat, the podcast still went ahead this week, and will cost you absolutely nothing to listen to. (Link forthcoming.)

We're just a well oiled machine...