ngmoco’s GodFinger finally released for iPhone worldwide

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ngmoco’s GodFinger finally released for iPhone worldwide
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If taking care of the regal turnip patches of We Rule isn’t floating your proverbial boat, perhaps ngmoco’s next freemium game will satisfy your god-like simulation needs.

GodFinger, for iPhone, lets you take care of your religious followers and allows you to choose between being a kind and caring deity or a vengeful and destructive celestial force.

You set your new followers to work, and control the environment with your toybox of heavenly gadgets, to make lovely living arrangements, earn gold, and use the loot to continue customising your planet.

Of course, you can also invite your buddies to park their planetary homes in your galaxy, or just let your pals know what’s going on with Twitter and Facebook updates.

And, as in We Rule, you can use your real cash to buy in-game currency. This time it's Awe Points instead of Mojo, and getting a batch of points can cost you anywhere from a couple of quid to almost £20. Yikes.

GodFinger has been in testing around the world for some time now, but it's finally made the leap to worldwide servers, letting everyone test out their powers. It’s free, it’s also on iPad, and it’s out now.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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