Fortnite adds new restrictions to the legacy version on mobile

Fortnite adds new restrictions to the legacy version on mobile

Fortnite hasn’t been available on mobile app stores for a few years now. Following the Epic Games and Apple debacle which concluded with the latter pulling the battle royale off the iOS Store has had long-lasting repercussions. Soon enough, the game was removed from Android as well.

Currently, Android users are capable of downloading Fortnite from the official website with iOS users have to rely on cloud gaming platforms like GeForce Now if they wish to play. And besides this, those players that didn’t delete Fortnite when it was taken off the store pages have a ‘legacy’ version of the game.

This already sounds like a sad state for the mobile front of Fortnite and their recent announcement is only going to make things worse. New rules are being established for players that still contain the legacy version of Fortnite, which is version 13.40. They will be enforced on January 30th, forcing everyone on iOS and Android to comply.

There are mainly two new rules. The first one is that no one will be able to spend Vbucks on it anymore. And the other rule makes gameplay even more restrictive as only individuals above 18 will be able to play Fortnite from the 30th. Thankfully, this affects only the 13.40 app build. It can be easily mitigated by playing through the cloud or using the official website to download the latest version.

Fortnite also recently launched an update which features the new Falcon Scout device, which is a UAV-like item that can be controlled like the Guided Missile. It can ping enemy locations, carry Reboot Cards, and weapons, and even knocked teammates. In addition to this, five new Reality Augments were also added. Check out more about this update in our recent article and read more about The Kid LAROI collab as well.

Download Fortnite from the official website now for free or play using XCloud.

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