Fortnite launches version 23.20, featuring the Falcon Scout and new Reality Augments

Fortnite launches version 23.20, featuring the Falcon Scout and new Reality Augments

After a quiet little period, Epic Games is back with an update for Fortnite. Version 23.20 that just going live and it brings new content in the form of the Falcon Scout and five new Reality Augments as well. In addition to this, the battle royale will also be featuring a collaboration event with the Australian rapper Kid Laroi, soon.

The coolest part of the update is surely the new item, the Falcon Scout, which has been called the “remotely controlled caw machine”. It is similar to the UAV Drones seen in games like Call of Duty Mobile. This device was first seen in the launch trailer of Chapter 4: Season 1 and it will finally be a playable device in v23.20.

Similar to the Guided Rocket from way back in Chapter one, the Falcon Scout can be freely controlled by a player who will decide where it flies. While on its way, it will ping or place markers on enemies which are spotted. It will caw and create a radius within which opponents will be marked. Additionally, it can also open containers and gather look that can be carried to players or their teammates.

One thing to note is that players controlling the device will be left defenceless so they should either be in hiding or teammates must provide cover. The Falcon Scout itself has limited health and can fly only a fixed distance from the controller, which can be tracked. It can be found in Chests, Oathbound Chests, and Supply Drops.

Five new Reality Augments are also part of this update. Here’s a look at them:

  • Peely’s Power – Receive a treasure map to a buried treasure
  • Shotgun Striker – Shotgun fire will give players siphon on hitting opponents
  • Rarity Check – Players receive siphon on eliminations done using Common and Uncommon weapons
  • Zero Chance – Temporarily gain Zero Point dash on breaking the enemy’s shield
  • Danger Hero – Regenerate health and gain movement speed when a shield is broken

Try all the new content out by downloading Fortnite now from the official website or play using XCloud.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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