Fortnite's February 2023 Crew Pack will feature the Sylvie outfit set

Fortnite's February 2023 Crew Pack will feature the Sylvie outfit set

Epic Games' Fortnite continues releasing new skins time and again, this time with the announcement of February 2023’s Crew Pack. Joining the battle royale in a few days is Sylvie, who may look pretty young but she is a master smith from an ancient kingdom, and she’s here to ensure that players forge their own path.

Sylvie joins Fortnite's ongoing Crew Pack subscription beginning January 31st and 7:00 pm ET. Players will be able to complete the entire set with three other items that will be made part of the pack. This includes Sylvie’s companion, Groaker, who is an adorable fire-breathing and her trusty Back Bling.

Groaker is there for constant support as well and will ensure that its wearer keeps going forward. Every time players open a chest or get an elimination, the little dragon will burp out some fire. And to smash through opponents, Sylvie can make use of the Smith’s Slammers Pickaxe, which are dual-wielding hammers. Pair all this with the Groak’d Wrap and the set is complete.

In addition to this, the February Crew Pack will also grant everyone the Forging the Future Loading Screen which will be made available sometime later this month. There’s also another bonus for players who carry their subscription onto the next month.

Owners of both the February and March Crew Packs will gain another outfit that is part of Sylvie’s party. More information will of course be revealed at a later date but we know right now that subscribers will receive a new skin and the Masterwork Pickaxe if they pay for the pack in March.

Current Crew Pack subscribers will also get access to the Photonic Legacy Set which includes the reactive Photonic Striker pickaxe and its multiple unlockable stages. These are the last few days to claim Gildhart’s cosmetic set from the January Crew Pack too.

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