Fortnite's latest patch introduces the brand new midseason drops

Fortnite's latest patch introduces the brand new midseason drops

Fortnite recently launched the version 23.10 update which brought Winterfest back. Although the Christmas celebration ended prematurely, Epic Games has just released a hotfix that brings some more content to the battle royale, most notably the midseason drops.

Coming in first is a new playable item, the Guardian Shield. With a crazy number of hammers flying throughout the skies, it’s important to gain some protection from them. And to do exactly that, Oathbound Chests will feature the new Guardian Shield.

When players deploy this shield, it will create a protective barrier in the front, which will block all incoming damage. There are two ways to use it. If players are under sustained gunfire, then it can be thrown down to form a stationary shield, or it can be used on the move as a mobile cover when running around with the squad.

The patch has also introduced the first midseason drop of Chapter 4: Season 1’s battle pass. This feature is a new addition and it comes over and above the Super Styles for all the skins. Midseason drops offer alt styles for characters, because no amount of drip is ever enough.

This week, the first alt style comes for Selene and players can unlock it by gaining ten account levels. She gets a new hairdo and a rad-looking neon green tee. Over the next four weeks, more drops will be made available.

Gaining enough levels will eventually unlock styles for Massai, Doom Slayer, Dusty, and Nezumi as well. Players can find these new costumes in the Midseason Drops section of the Battle Pass tab. Unfortunately, this will pave way for more grinding as players already have to make it past level 125 for the Elysian, Aeon, and Halycon super styles.

Start levelling up by downloading Fortnite from the official website or playing using XCloud.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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