Fortnite abruptly ends Winterfest 2022 celebrations a few days prior to its actual closure

Fortnite abruptly ends Winterfest 2022 celebrations a few days prior to its actual closure

A couple of weeks ago, Epic Games launched the version 23.10 update for Fortnite, which brought back the yearly Winterfest event. It is the best time of the year for the battle royale as everyone is given a tonne of rewards including free outfits, meaning even players that have not paid for Vbucks will have the opportunity of not using the default skins.

When the event launched, it was set to continue into the next year until January 3rd, giving players enough time to complete all challenges and unlock the rewards. Unfortunately, it seems as if Epic has pulled the plug a bit too early as Winterfest 2022 has already ended on Fortnite.

That’s right. All the holiday content has been removed from the matches and things seem to have gone to the pre-winter stage. Rocket Launchers have returned to replace the Snowball Launcher, Holiday Presents have been vaulted, Rift Encounters are disabled and Sgt. Winter no longer goes around giving away gifts in The Holiday Big Rig.

It’s akin to getting coal for Christmas and Epic hasn’t even provided any reasoning for doing so. They have been completely radio silent on the matter. Of course, that opens the doors for speculation. Fortnite’s Chapter 4: Season 1 has been great content-wise, but there have been an equal number of bugs. Issues during sprinting, mantling, hurdling, and more have left the game in quite an unplayable state.

Add to that the My Hero Academia collab which also proved to be uneventful because the Deku Smash ability had to be disabled during issues. This is also a time when most developers are on Christmas break and that may have led to shutting down Winterfest completely rather than calling people back to fix it.

Regardless, fans of the game are obviously not pleased. Do note that all the rewards from the Cosy Lounge can still be claimed as that still remains active.

Get your hands on the gifts if you haven’t already by downloading Fortnite from the official website or play using XCloud.

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Tanish Botadkar
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