Fortnite adds two new superheroes to the item shop - Captain America and BriteStar

Fortnite adds two new superheroes to the item shop - Captain America and BriteStar

Phase five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has just kicked off with the release of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania. Things will get more cosmic as we go forward but we must not forget our heroes protecting Earth. One of them was technically promoted and will be joining the Fortnite world alongside his other buddies.

Say hello to the newest Captain America – Sam Wilson. After Steve completed his time travel shenanigans back in Endgame, he decided to pass on the mantle of Captain America to his friend, Sam Wilson. Donning his new costume and wings, Sam has flown into Fortnite’s Item Shop at the latest character.

Players will find the Captain America – Sam Wilson (MCU) Outfit in the Item Shop beginning today. It comes with the dual purpose serving Cap’s Shield that acts as both, a Back Bling and a Pickaxe. But the coolest cosmetic of them all is Sam’s awesome EXO-7 Falcon Wings Glider which has been created by the Wakandan Design Group.

The MCU’s newest defender is here, but what about Fortnite’s own? Inspired by the popular Brite Bomber outfit is the battle royale’s superhero, BriteStar. Like Captain America, she too has her own Brite Shield that works as a Pickaxe and Back Bling. If players are looking for some extra swag, they can put on their Bomber Jacket in the alt style, and the cosmetics will match it too.

Both these item sets can be individually purchased from the Item Store. Players wanting everything that has just been released can get it under one roof with the Captain America and BriteStar Bundle. It additionally includes the Captain America and BriteStar Loading Screen. Don’t forget to check out the Brave and Brite Wrap to give all weapons a superhero feel too.

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