Fortnite hosting another crossover with Street Fighter by releasing two brand new skins

Fortnite hosting another crossover with Street Fighter by releasing two brand new skins

Fortnite has announced its latest collaboration shortly after announcing one, and the latest is even bigger, especially if you’re a fan of fighting games. The classic 2D brawler Street Fighter is next in line to get in-game skins to use on Fortnite Island and will feature characters from that game alongside some accessories themed around it as well.

The two Street Fighter characters that will be receiving Fortnite skins are Blanka and Sakura, both two mainstays within the series and surely recognizable to anyone even partially familiar with the fighter. Blanka is a bright green mutant character with spiky blonde hair, and Sakura is a schoolgirl that looks a lot like the protagonist of Street Fighter, Ryu.

This is not the first collaboration Fortnite has hosted with the series either. Back in February last year, Ryu and Chun-Li made their way to the island as well. It is interesting to see two not quite as known characters make their way in, as Ryu and Chun-Li are perhaps the most recognizable amongst many gamers, while Sakura and Blanka are a little less popular.

Either way, the two skins coming to the battle royale are high-quality and adapt the pair's looks into the Fortnite style excellently. The release for these skins will be put out in a bundle that includes an alternate style for each, a related glider, pickaxe, and backbling. The visuals for these items have not been seen yet, but they will stick to the general style of the two characters.

So, if Ryu and Chun-Li weren’t enough to get Street Fighter fans to download Fortnite and give it a go, Sakura and Blanka might just do it for you. If that’s the case, you can find Fortnite for free on the official Epic website.

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