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Flower Isle, a new simulation game courtesy of the UNO developers, is now available in early access in the Philippines

Flower Isle, a new simulation game courtesy of the UNO developers, is now available in early access in the Philippines

The developers of the extremely well-known and massively popular mobile adaptation of the classic card game UNO have announced their next project; a simulation game made for plant lovers called Flower Isle. Flower Isle will see players develop and expand an island with various fields of self-grown flowers that you will sell for profit to progressively upgrade your territory and structures.

Flower Isle is very much a Farmville-esque sim and production title that will see you developing various structures that will allow you to develop better and more expensive fields of flowers of varying types. You’ll then be selling those flowers for a profit to unlock progressively more and more structures and better flowers before continuing that loop as long as you please.

Since the island starts off untamed and full of wilderness, you’ll be clearing out trees and other debris to open up your fields and allow for space to expand as much as you want and start flower shops to sell all your product. Players will also be able to purchase and farm livestock as well, which, while making you a profit, will also be your energy source.

Following the use of all of these various mechanics, you’ll slowly become a professional florist and be able to create your own flower shops that you can match to your specific tastes. With a wide variety of furniture and decorative items at your disposal, your shops can look exactly however you desire.

All of this combines to make a very relaxing and long-term sort of game that harkens back to the era of Hay Day or the aforementioned Farmville. These sort of quasi-idle games with a wide variety of purchasable buildings and fields to profit off of were a hit back in the day, so it’ll be interesting to see if the same audience will grow attached to Flower Isle.

If you’re looking to give it a shot, users in the Philippines can find Flower Isle available on Android in early access right now. More regions and an iOS port are expected and should be released in the near future as well.

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