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What’s the world record for Flappy Bird?

What’s the world record for Flappy Bird?

It is nearly impossible to find a gamer who has not played Flappy Bird. This straightforward video game released in 2013 had over 50,000,000 downloads, which is insane. Even though Flappy Bird has significantly dropped in popularity nowadays, many people worldwide still play different versions of this video game. We didn't include it on the list of most challenging mobile games because it's not officially supported anymore, but it would certainly earn its spot otherwise!

We have decided to look for the world record for Flappy Bird. Moreover, there will be interesting facts about achieving this record.


Even though it might seem like there's nothing challenging about setting a high score in Flappy Bird, it's not exactly so. Unfortunately, no official commission like the Guinness book can validate records in Flappy Bird. As a result, there is no official world record in Flappy Bird.

If you search the world records for Flappy Bird on the internet, you will find click baits like “Scored 9,999” and others on YouTube. Nobody has reached such a high score in Flappy Bird yet, but below, you can find a few of the best Flappy Bird scores on the internet.

Eli Duke - 9,813 points

This score is one of the highest on the internet nowadays. It was achieved on November 5, 2014; since then, it hasn't been beaten. There is no official confirmation of it though, so such a high score is likely to be a rumour.

Jayyswan Score - 2,311 Points

The highest record score you can find on YouTube is 2,311. Of course, this score is much lower than the previous one, but it is proven with a video on YouTube. Moreover, you can see this score on, which means that it’s real.


Flappy Bird gameplay screenshot

If you want to track high scores online, there is a web version of the legendary Flappy Bird. The developers of this project have created a live leaderboard. So, you can see the top 10 scores in the last hour and the top 40 in the previous 24 hours. This leaderboard is officially confirmed, so it's impossible to cheat or trick this system.

Moreover, developers are likely to add an all-time leaderboard, and you can ask them to do it using a particular function on the website. You can be sure that it will significantly help estimate the best score record in Flappy Bird.

In conclusion, even though there is no official world record for Flappy Bird, various gamers share their records on the internet. You can, of course, try it yourself, but keep in mind that it will take a lot of time to get anywhere past a few hundred in any version of the game. If you're interested in more records, take a look at the Crossy Road world record and world record for Subway Surfers.