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How to improve your Crossy Road high score and what's the world record?

How hard do you think it is?

How to improve your Crossy Road high score and what's the world record?
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Aiming for the next world-breaking record has never been easier - all you need to do is follow our tips and you'll start seeing Crossy Road high scores in a matter of minutes. Since Crossy Road is such a fun and addictive game (to say the least), it's only natural that you want to see your name on the leaderboards list, even if that's just something you share with your friends. 

But before we dive into the tips, we'll start by mentioning a thing or two about the Crossy Road world record, and the players that have achieved it. 

What's the current world record in Crossy Road?

While the Guinness World Records mentions that Joshua Beesley has the record for the highest score in Crossy Road with a score of 4195, there are several players who've managed to top that in the past few months. On July 28th, 2021 a new video has been posted by Montana Man, which shows him reaching a score of 5457 after a whopping 39 minutes of playing. 

Could that be the highest score recorded in Crossy Road? It might very well be! 

That aside, if you're aiming to beat his record or any other top score you've previously had in Crossy Road, there are a few tips to help you do that. Let's check them out, shall we?

How to improve your Crossy Road high score?

In order to get a better Crossy Road high score in a matter of minutes, you need to make sure that one major aspect is met, and that is your device is running in perfect condition. If you have any sort of lag or delay, then no matter what you do chances are you'll fall into the river or get hit by a car or train. So first things first, make sure you have closed any unnecessary apps that consume the RAM memory on your device.

Tip #1: When things heat up, pause the game

On the upper side of the screen, there is a Pause button which could come in handy more than you think. As you progress and build up the score, the levels start to get a tad faster and you might be tempted to act faster as well. That is a trick the game is playing on you, and you should not fall for it - just because the levels are faster, you don't need to think faster. 

Try to remain calm, and every time you feel like you're getting an adrenaline rush and want to zoom through the game, just hit Pause and wait a second. Of course, you want to hit that pause button when you're on safe terrain, and definitely not on a train track or in the middle of the busy street. Keep the game paused for a moment, relax, and then dive right back into the game with a clear mind! You'd be surprised what something as simple as that could help you achieve a better high score.

Tip #2: Don't cover the sides of your screen so you can see the incoming obstacles

This is yet another simple trick, but one that will greatly help you out if you're used to - like most of us - holding the phone in landscape mode and keeping your fingers on the sides of the screen. In Crossy Road, you want to have the screen free of hands and fingers so you can see if a fast car or train is approaching, and act accordingly. To do that, make it a habit to tap on the character or behind it. That's a space you can use since you won't care what obstacles will move there.

Tip #3: Adapt your route according to the obstacle and terrain type

As you well know, each obstacle is going to pose a different type of danger. The river has logs that could send you onto a swift death, and the highway, obviously, has cars that can come quickly and run you over. The best way to clear each of these obstacles is as follows: 

  • Cars: never idle in the middle of the street. The best way to cross the road in the car portions of the game is to tap the screen as soon as a car has passed - the roads should be cleared swiftly. This is probably one of two sections in the game where you need to be quick. 
  • Trains: just like with cars, you want to make sure you cross the train tracks ASAP. Of course, you can squeeze your way in right as the red light turns on, but don't stay on a track where a train will come for more than a second. 
  • River: in the river, you should always stick to the middle of the screen. That is the main reason why many players fail - many tend to get taken by the logs to the side of the screen (since the logs move left and right) and end up falling off or jumping onto a dangerous one. Always move to the middle of the screen, that's the best option. 

Crossy Road yellow cars on the road

Tip #4: Forward is not always the best way

Moving forward comes naturally. Just tap, tap, and you're jumping around from obstacle to safe place in a matter of seconds. However, that's not always the best idea. Remember that you can move in all four directions - forward, backward, left, and right.

If you see danger coming your way and you have a safe spot behind, drag your finger down and across the screen to go backward!

Tip #5: Think ahead and notice simple things

Another simple, yet extremely effective tip is to always look at the route and obstacles, not at your character. You need to check where you're headed, and not just where you're going to hop next. For instance, if there is a river coming up soon (say, in five jumps) you want to bring your character to the middle of the screen, as mentioned in Tip #3. 

Tip #6: When you can, stop for a moment to notice the way ahead

Sometimes if you look ahead at the road in front of you, you could notice that there is a pattern in which the cars/trains/logs move, and you can use this to your advantage to make a run for it. If there are no obstacles on the way, take advantage of this! 

If you're just at the beginning though, you might want to exercise a little bit more beforehand, so you can be confident when sprinting through. 

Tip #7: Don't get distracted 

There are a few things that could obstruct your view or downright distract you - try to either avoid them, get used to them, or remove them altogether. Some of these could be a few characters (the Ghost or Grave Digger for example), who have a design that make it a little difficult to see obstacles. Simpler characters are not bad, they will make it easier to avoid getting distracted. 

Tip #8: Remember what your main goal is! 

Last but not least, you should always prioritise your goal above all else, and that is to get a new high score. Right? For that, you don't need to go for every Coin you see. 

Oftentimes Coins are in rather peculiar places, which will make you take a detour or make it difficult to keep a straight route in mind. Go for the Coins that are on your main way, and avoid the others. It's a simple trick that every player who's got a Crossy Road high score of over 3500 will tell you. 

Do you have any additional tips for us and fellow Crossy Road players? Make sure to share them in the comments below! 

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