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Does Flappy Bird have an ending?

Does Flappy Bird have an ending?

It is nearly impossible to find a gamer or even anyone who owns a phone, who has not played Flappy Bird. It was one of the most popular video games in the 2010s. Moreover, the game was pulled from the market due to its addictive nature. Today, we are trying to bust a myth to one of the most popular questions on the internet, “does Flappy Bird have an ending?”


If you head to search engines, you will find various discussions about the endpoint in Flappy Bird with various videos trying to prove Flappy Bird has an ending. But that's simply not the case, Flappy Bird is an infinite game. You can even reach 100,000 if you are skilled enough to reach that humongous score.



If you search on the internet for something like “Ending point in Flappy Bird,” you will find various videos in which people reach 999 points and get killed by Mario. And the most famous video has got over 50,000,000 views on YouTube, which is obviously a huge number.

However, these videos are fakes. People play a modified version of the classic Flappy Bird. And by watching such videos, you might start to think that Flappy Bird has an ending point, but the reality is different.

Flappy Bird gameplay screenshot with obstacles

Playing the original Flappy Bird, the game's speed, difficulty, and other things will not change as you progress. The columns do not move, they are simply static obstacles. On top of that, no other obstacles appear as you attempt to beat your existing high score.

If you see something in Flappy Bird that differs from the classic version of the game, chances are you're playing a modified version. Instead, you might want to spend some time finding the original version of Flappy Bird.

Keep in mind the only way to play the original Flappy Bird is to use the web browser version. Unfortunately, the official version of the game is not available on the market nowadays. Even though some shady websites might profess to allow you to download Flappy Bird, you should not trust them.

And so, there is no ending point in the original version of Flappy Bird, which released in 2013. If you see some videos with a Flappy Bird ending on YouTube, you can be sure that these are fakes.

Also, remember that ending points are presented in the custom versions of Flappy Birds. However, such games do not have the authentic atmosphere of the legendary game. So, it would be best not to play them. And while you are still here, make sure to check out our list of the best idle games on Android phones and tablets. Also, feel free to peruse our list of the best idle games for iOS.