Flappy Bird creator is 'considering' bringing the hit game back

Still doing the business

Flappy Bird creator is 'considering' bringing the hit game back
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Just when you thought the craze was over, Flappy Bird might return to roost on the App Store and Google Play.

This comes from the man behind Flappy Bird himself, Dong Nguyen, who gave an interesting tidbit to Rolling Stone in an exclusive interview.

Nguyen said he's "considering" bringing Flappy back, but notes that if he does he'll include a "warning" to players that they should "please take a break" from time to time.

Creating a whole new flap

For a game with a deceptively simple nature, Flappy Bird cast a surprisingly large shadow after Nguyen decided to pull it.

Hundreds of developers rushed in with clones in an attempt to capture some of Flappy Bird's magic (and revenue...) and it eventually got so bad that Apple and Google began rejecting games with 'Flappy' in the title.

That didn't work, however, as it's estimated that a new clone of the popular, and brutally difficult, Flappy Bird rolls onto the App Store every 24 minutes.

Whether the return of the original Flappy Bird will do anything to this cavalcade of fast follows is, of course, contingent on whether Nguyen will bring it back or not.

One thing's for sure, however, Nguyen's certainly not hurting for cash.

Rolling Stone reports that Nguyen has retired from his day job and is still making "tens of thousands of dollars" from the millions of players who downloaded Flappy Bird before he pulled it. He's now focusing full-time on creating new games.

We guess you could say that he's found himself *sunglasses* quite the nest egg.