A new Flappy Bird clone is added to the iOS App Store every 24 minutes

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A new Flappy Bird clone is added to the iOS App Store every 24 minutes
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It's been almost a month since Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from the App Store, but Apple's digital marketplace continues to be flooded with low-rent rip-offs of Nguyen's smash hit.

In an investigation into the last 300 Flappy clones to hit Apple's App Store, Pocket Gamer has discovered that on average 60 clones are added every day (about 69 on February 28th, 48 on March 1st, 75 on March 2nd, and 49 on March 3rd).

On average, that means 2.5 clones are added an hour - or one every 24 minutes.

Because of Apple's uneven release schedule, where apps are only added between the hours of 15:00 and 08:00 UTC, you couldn't set your watch by it. On some days, 14 Flappy games can be added in the space of one hour, for example.

Floppy Little Wings Attack Free

Our definition of a Flappy Bird clone, by the way, is any game in which you guide some character through an obstacle course of pipes (or similar objects) hanging from the ceiling and sticking out of the ground.

That character could be a bird, a fish, an eagle, a super goat, Nyan Cat, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Bear Grylls on a jet pack, Flappy Bird inventor Dong Nguyen, the floating head of Kanye West, or the chief minister of the state of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

These copycat games have names like Senor Pez, Funny Chicken - Bird Adventure, Trappy Bird, Flappy Fish 2D, Flappy Endless Car 3D! Flappy You: Fly Your Face Free, Nerdtle: The Flappy Birdtle, and Bird Adventure - 1 Touch Flying Bird.

Clumsy Bird Pro - The Adventures of Flappy Flyer

To get a taste of what that looks like, here are just 20 Flappy Bird-alikes from the last few days of new App Store games.

Flappy Bird

Red Bouncing Bird Man - flappy fall version telegram Spikes! / Flappy You: Fly Your Face Free

Flappy Bird 2

Air Bear Grylls / Tappy Bird Junior

Flappy Bird 3

Flappy Airplane / Flying Steel of Cyrus - Avoid wrecking the flappy Jetpack, Get The Stars Ball & Happy Splashy! (Pro Version)

Flappy Clone

Bieber Fever Max - Flying Axe Guitar / Flying Pig - Tiny Rush Adventure Full Version

Flappy Bird 5

Flappy ET - for Dou Minjun / Splashy Slender Man - iron bird flying fish game

Flappy Bird 7

Flying Penguin - Arctic Bird / Frappy Bird

Flappy Bird 8

Flappy Nyan Cat Original / Flippy Chicken

Flappy Bird 9

Cuty Bunny: The Adventure of a Flappy Rabbit / Blocky Bird 3D

Flappy Bird 10

Flappy Bird 3D / Voa Totoro

Flappy Bird 14

ModiRahul Fly / Splashy Sharky

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer