Final Gear, the strategic RPG, is now up for pre-registration ahead of a potential release in September

Heading for iOS and Android

Final Gear, the strategic RPG, is now up for pre-registration ahead of a potential release in September
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Final Gear is an upcoming strategic RPG developed and published by Komoe featuring Mechs and Maidens. The game is now up for pre-registration for Android and iOS users, with a potential release at the end of this September.

Final Gear is now available for Pre-Registration

Komoe had opened pre-registration for Final Gear for Android users a couple of days back. But now the developers have opened pre-registration for iOS users too. So if you're interested, head over to Google Play and the App Store.

Komoe has also launched an official website for the game, where players can find more details about the game, characters and even track which pre-registration milestones have been hit. Players also have the option to pre-register for the game via e-mail on the website.

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Final Gear Pre-registration rewards

Komoe has also promised to reward all the players with in-game items when it launches globally. The developers have set rewards for crossing each pre-registration milestone that starts from 20k and goes up to 500k.

The pre-registration rewards are as follows:

  • 20K: 110,000 x Gold Coins
  • 50K: 50 x Appointed Development Part
  • 80K: 1 x SR Natasha
  • 100K: 1 x “Lil’ Northerner: Natasha”
  • 150K: 1 x SSR: White Crow Suit (RK30)
  • 200K: 1 x Royal Invitation
  • 300K: 10 x Elite Referral
  • 500K: 1 x Engagement Ring

Final Gear release date

The developers have not yet announced the launch date for the game, but going by the expected release date mentioned on the App Store, Final Gear should be launching globally on September 30th.

About the game

Final Gear is an RPG that is all about mechas, and its many anime-style female operators. In the game, players can not only manage whatever is happening during the battles but also customize the mecha, such as changing its various parts. However, you don't immediately get what you wish for; the game makes you wait for some time when recruiting new riders or developing new parts. You can speed up the process using special items or by spending cash.

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