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Final Gear unveils their newest UR pilot, Ruby, and Total War limited-time event

Final Gear unveils their newest UR pilot, Ruby, and Total War limited-time event
| Final Gear

Komoe Technology Limited have announced the latest unit to be added to their rather delightful referred to mech & maiden RPG Final Gear. As well as this new pilot, a limited-time event is also underway bringing with it an action packed story with Total War.

The new hero, Ruby, comes from a rather tragic past. Born near the Corbero Pit with her twin sister Maradiz, a freak accident befell the two sisters one day leaving Maradiz in a permanently unconscious state. Faring slightly better, Ruby’s consciousness managed to be trapped forever in Maradiz’s body, saddling her with immense guilt and a desire to honour her younger sister.

A UR Class Pilot, Ruby is a truly effective form on the battlefield. Piloting her specialised mech Mirror Inanis, she is able to control black meteorites to completely decimate the field. Starting December 15th through to January 13th, all players will have a higher chance to recruit this powerful new warrior. If she strikes your fancy you can even pick up her exclusive skin, Mirrored Twins, at a discounted price.

A strong new unit may be quite welcome, as the limited-time event Total War delivers on its rather foreboding title, with peace collapsing between the major forces. To try and gain an advantage, forces have developed their ultimate weapon dubbed The Base, which players can pilot around the continent to gain items such as Wartime Token and materials to upgrade your base further. You can increase your base's effectiveness by adding heavy weapons or setting up designated pilots to active pilot bonds. These actions will grant further rewards such as Crystals and Battle Sequence.

Final Gear is available to download now from the App Store and Google Play, and for those looking to get an advantage before the war, visit the game’s official Facebook page to reap a ton of limited-time bonus rewards.