Final Gear announces it will not release updates for the foreseeable future

Final Gear announces it will not release updates for the foreseeable future

The relatively recently released gacha strategy RPG Final Gear has been confirmed to soon begin ceasing any updates as it likely approaches its end of service. Having been launched only twoish years ago back in September of 2021, it’s clear that this one wasn’t as successful as the developers would’ve liked, as they will stop producing any new content for the game, though they do intend to keep Final Gear online, at least for now.

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Final Gear wasn’t a massive success when it originally launched back then, though it did have some hype built around it due to the anime nature and the usage of giant mecha as a primary plot and gameplay point. Unfortunately, aesthetics alone didn’t seem to cut it, as the fanbase dwindled pretty quickly and it simply didn’t collect enough profit to warrant keeping the support up.

Still, it is relatively rare to see a developer announce plans to cease updates without following it up with a full termination of the game, so it’s good to know that fans of Final Gear will still be able to play the game and experience re-runs of events as well. While no new content will make its way to Final Gear from here on, current and new players alike can still enjoy what is and has been within the game so far.

Though it may be rather cynical of me to say, I do not see this faring too well for Final Gear, and wouldn’t be super shocked to see the game end service within the coming months as well. We’ve seen it happen to bigger names like Princess Connect and even Dragalia Lost way back when, so no gacha game is truly safe from the oversaturation of the market that has led to many games in this genre closing down. Let’s hope that Final Gear can maintain its servers and stay online for the foreseeable future!

In the meantime, if you want to check it out with this knowledge in mind, you can download Final Gear for free at either of the links below!

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