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Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list and a reroll guide

Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list and a reroll guide

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version 1.3.17

The Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list will help you pick the best characters in the game, and give you a better understanding of why they rank the way they do. No matter if you are new to the game or you have watched all the anime episodes and read the complete manga collection, this game has a little bit extra for you. We also wrote a reroll guide, which should always come in handy in gacha games such as this one. 

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In the following pages, you can find our complete Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list. Keep reading!

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Pilot Stars Type
Lelouch Lamperouge (The Rebel 'Zero') 4 Strategist
Kallen Kouzouki 4 Guard
Anya Alstreim (Knight of Six) 4 Exterminator
C.C (Mystical Summer Outfit) 4 Exterminator
Jeremiah Gottwald (Deeply Devoted Purist) 3 Assault
Cornelia li Britannia (With Splendour With Strenght) 4 Specialist
Cornelia li Britannia (Witch of Britannia) 4 Exterminator

We are starting our list with the strongest pilots currently in the game. These SS-Tier pilots are the absolute best ones that you can have on your team. Even though in Code Geass: Lost Stories, almost every variant is good enough to tackle the game's content, these pilots' performance is on another level. The 'Rebel' Lelouch has some of the best ranged-attack stats currently in the game. You could argue he should have been ranked even higher on a tier of his own. Kallen Kouzouki is the best Guard thanks to her overall stats and her ability to buff her own attacks.

This variant of Jeremiah Gottwald, even though is only 3 stars, still is one of the best assault pilots in the meta. He has the ability to give you back the cost points of his deployment, plus has a very low redeployment cooldown. This makes him a pilot that you can pretty much spam.


Pilot Stars Type
Kallen Kouzouki (Guren Dances) 4 Exterminator
Jeremiah Gottwald (Desperate Assault) 4 Assault
Bismarck Waldstein (Knight of One) 4 Exterminator
C.C (Accomplice) 4 Specialist
Cecile Croomy (Alluring Summer Outfit) 3 Assault
Diethard Ried (HiTV - Producer) 2 Strategist
Euphemia li Britannia (Imperial Princess of Benevolence) 4 Repair
Gilbert G.P Guilford (Empire's Spearhead) 4 Guard
Gino Weinberg (Knight of Three) 4 Assault
Kallen Kouzuki (True to Life Holiday) 4 Guard
Lelouch Lamperouge (Welcome to the Student Council) 3 Strategist
Lloyd Asplund (Troublesome Prodigal Noble) 4 Strategist
Shirley Fenette (Innocent Reception) 4 Specialist
Shirley Fenette (A Madder Sky for Just the Two) 4 Repair
Suzaku Kururugi (Confrontation Against the Coming Master) 3 Specialist
Villetta Nu (Chigusa) 4 Repair

S-Tier pilots are excellent overall, just not as overpowered as the ones in the tier above them. With that said, they can easily carry you through everything the game has to offer without issues. Unlike other gacha games, in Code Geass: Lost Stories, even lower rarity variants can be extremely useful and sometimes better than higher rarity cards. A good example is Diethard Ried, one of the best strategists in the meta.

Gilbert G.P Guilford is a guard with a powerful melee attack that can reduce his own deployment cost as well as Britannian Military pilots' cost. On top of that, he cannot be killed once you deploy him for a certain amount of time.

This 3-star variant of Lelouch Lamperouge offers AoE stun upon deployment and it's also very easy to use thanks to its quick redeployment cooldown. Oh, and he also has very high attack power.


Pilot Stars Type
C.C (Code Holder) 4 Strategist
Shirley Fenette (A Merry Lunchtime) 3 Repair
Lelouch Lamperouge (Smart Reception) 3 Exterminator
Cecile Croomy (Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps) 2 Specialist
Lucia Bradley (Knight of Ten) 3 Exterminator
Suzaku Kururugi (White Knight) 4 Assault
Kallen Kouzuki (Popping Summer Outfit) 3 Repair
Milly Ashford (A New Whim) 3 Repair
Suzaku Kururugi (Time That Should Be Protected) 3 Guard
Kyoushirou Toudou (Toudou of Miracles) 3 Guard
Kewell Soresi (Purist) 2 Exterminator
Milly Ashford (Vacation at Lake Kawaguchi) 2 Assault
Taizou Kirihara (Two-faced Veteran) 3 Strategist
Kousetsu Urabe (Japan Liberation Front) 2 Exterminator
Lelouch Lamperouge (Gentle Distance) 4 Assault
Monica Krushevksy (Knight of Twelve) 3 Specialist
Nagisa Chiba (Japan Liberation Front) 2 Assault
Ryouga Senba (Japan Liberation Front) 2 Guard

Moving on with our Code Geass: Lost Stories tier list, we have the A-Tier pilots. These variants are very solid options in their own right and certainly way above average. They can be amazing options especially as complimentary pieces as some of them can provide great synergies.

Kallen Kouzuki (Popping Summer Outfit) receives an attack buff whenever she deals or receives damage to go along with her already top-tier melee offence. Cecile Croomy (Advanced Special Envoy Engineering Corps), even though she's just a 2-star pilot, ranks high thanks to her ability that reduces all allies' redeployment time. She has amazing synergy with some S and SS-Tier pilots. Shirley Fenette (A Merry Lunchtime) has the second-highest defence when we are talking about repair types. She has an extra healing with her second skill and can buff her own healing. For a 3-star pilot, that's more than just good.


Pilot Stars Type
C.C (Lazy Witch) 3 Exterminator
Milly Ashford (High Spirited Reception) 3 Strategist
Andreas Darlton (Talk Between Parent and Child) 3 Exterminator
Milly Ashford (Melancholy for Now) 3 Specialist
Villetta Nu (Knight With Burning Ambition) 3 Exterminator
Dorothea Ernst (Knight of Four) 3 Strategist
Nonette Enneagram (Knight of Nine) 3 Exterminator
Nunnally vi Britannia (Ashford Academy Student Council) 2 Repair
Euphemia li Britannia (With Cheer With Vigour) 3 Specialist
Rakshata Chawla (Black Knights - Head of Research and Development) 2 Specialist
Gilbert G.P Guilford (My Justice Lies With the Princess) 3 Assault
Sayoko Shinozaki (House Ashford Maid) 2 Strategist
Schneizel el Britannia (Prime Minister of Smiles) 3 Strategist
Kallen Kouzouki (The Crimson Running Into the Night) 3 Exterminator
Gilbert G.P Guilford (With Freshness With Honesty) 3 Exterminator

Even though this is our lowest tier, we already said that in Code Geass: Lost Stories, there aren't "bad" pilots. There are OK ones and amazing ones. These pilots here are okay, which means you can still use them and be victorious. Obviously, they are lacking when you compare them to pilots of a higher tier, but they can still get the job done. For example, Kallen Kouzouki (The Crimson Running Into the Night) has a very high melee offence which can further increase every time she receives or deals damage.

Nunnally vi Britannia (Ashford Academy Student Council) provides healing and with her second skill, she can increase the number of healing allies. With that said, she lacks defences so be wary of that. Rakshata Chawla (Black Knights - Head of Research and Development) can reduce the cost of all Black Knight pilots. This ability makes her a useful pilot in certain team comps.

Keep in mind that future balance patches and character releases will most likely affect the meta and as a result the whole Code Geass tier list! So, make sure to check back to this page to get the latest power rankings!

How to perform a reroll in Code Geass: Lost Stories

As is almost the case with every gacha game, Code Geass: Lost Stories gives enough free crystals to perform a ten-pull from a banner to any new account. The thing is, what happens if you don't get a desirable pilot? Would be nice if you could give it another try, right? Well, that's essentially what a reroll is. In the next paragraph, we describe exactly the steps that you need to follow in order to perform a reroll (if needed).

  • First things first - when you start the game for the first time, make sure to log in using a "Komoe Account" instead of using your Google account or Apple.
  • Something to be aware of is that rerolling in this game is time-consuming and there's no way around it because you need to complete the tutorial. Once you do that, then you get access to the "Scout" feature which will allow you to summon new pilots.
  • Claim every reward from your inventory and the missions you completed. This amount of crystals should be enough to allow you to perform another 10-pull from the banners.
  • If you don't like what you got, exit the game and create a new Komoe account. If you don't mind the high ping, you can also choose to play the game on another server with the same account. You have two options: North America (NA Server) or South East Asia (SEA Server).
  • Start the game again and repeat the process. You can keep repeating it until you get the pilots that you desire.

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