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Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, Square Enix's highly anticipated mobile game, is now available on Android and iOS

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis, Square Enix's highly anticipated mobile game, is now available on Android and iOS

After teasing fans for over two years, Square Enix has finally released the highly anticipated RPG, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis on Android and iOS. This remake of a remake delves into important moments in the FFVII timeline that include events from the original game as well as the remake. Even the events of Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core will be more fleshed out in this game.

A game like this is bound to have a humongous fanbase even before its release, and the pre-registration numbers prove exactly that. In under three months, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis raked in more than 1.7 million pre-registrations, smashing all the milestone achievement rewards.

Everybody who signed up in advance is now eligible to receive rewards such as a 5-Star Weapon Draw Ticket, the Zweihander weapon, up to 3,000 Blue Crystals, 30 Draw Tickets, 2 Jumpstart Item Sets, and a Gear Voucher that can be traded into for any of their favourite gear from the FFVII series.

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That’s not all because a humongous prize pool of 7.7 billion Blue Crystals is being distributed equally among all players. The only criterion is that players must download and log into the game within the next three days. the total number of crystals will be determined based on downloads, but everyone is guaranteed at 1,500 of them.

On top of that, players can also get their hands on a few login rewards that will give a slight headstart for their journeys. Everyone launching the game before October 7th will be rewarded with 3,000 Blue Crystals to begin their adventure.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has been specifically optimized for mobile while still maintaining the graphics, RPG mechanics, active time battle system, and of course, customizable versions of fan-favourites like Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Zack, and many more.

Interested players can download the game now for free by clicking on their preferred link below.

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