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Knights of Grayfang, Kemco's old-school RPG, is out now on Android and iOS

Knights of Grayfang, Kemco's old-school RPG, is out now on Android and iOS

Kemco has just announced the release of its latest project, Knights of Grayfang, an old-school RPG for mobile. The game takes place in the war-torn land of Eldraad, where players take on the role of the only person who can save all of humanity.

Eldraad has always been a region of conflict as both humans, born from the Twilight Deity, and monsters, born from the Nightfall Deity have laid claim to the land. It is a strategically important location as the ruler of Eldraad controls all nine Temples.

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In the massive Temple War that took place, humans had the upper hand thanks to the vampire powers granted to King Edwahl by the Twilight Deity. He performed the Vampire Heart Ritual which converted a large number of humans into monsters, allowing them to capture several temples.

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Of course, that doesn’t mean the monsters didn’t come prepared. There is a darkness brewing there as well because the Nightfall god’s armies will not back down so easily. The fate of the entire world depends on the outcome of this war, and players are mankind’s only shot.

The game makes use of a unique Blood Gauge mechanic conferred to Thoma, one of the characters in the party. This BP replaces his HP and MP and is a measure of Thoma’s vitality. But it also serves an additional purpose as other heroes can consume this unleash powerful Bloodthirst skills onto enemies. They must be used sparingly though, as these moves require three rounds to recover.

Another unique feature is the availability of bats, which can be found in various dungeons. Once equipping them, players are granted a variety of passive effects such as abnormal state protection and increased attack power. A little bit of extra exploring can go quite a long way.

If you're interested in claiming all nine temples and winning the Temple War, download Knights of Grayfang using your preferred link below.

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