Pocket Gamer's weekly Switch round-up - April 23rd

Cups, cats and bananas

Pocket Gamer's weekly Switch round-up - April 23rd

We here at Pocket Gamer Towers have just returned to work off of the back of a four-day weekend. Whether you've been eating cake, chasing the festive Grand Cocoa, robbing banks, or have spent the weekend in a low-subconscious meditative state, there's never a better time to have a recap of the last week's Nintendo Switch news.

Lumines Remastered is on the way in physical form

Lumines, which was well known on PSP for the fact that you could homebrew the console with the update including on the UMD, was a surprisingly fun puzzle game which didn't quite reinvent the wheel, but gave it a damn good shot. It originally received a digital release last year when it launched as Lumines Remastered, however collectors will be happy to hear that those scallywags at Limited Run are putting it to cart later this year and that pre-orders open this week.

There's also a special edition including a vinyl and light up block case.

XIII is getting a remaster

A very long time ago Ubisoft adapted the French graphic novel XIII into a video game. Its cell-shaded art-style was extremely fresh at the time and it did cool things with on-screen panes when you did certain actions.Land a headshot? Pop - here's a comic pane of the chap tumbling off a cliff edge to a snowy grave.

XIII bled style with its art-design, and it also had a compelling 'I'm-part-of-an-international-group-of-assassins-but-was-cast-out-and-now-have-amnesia' storyline which would have felt at home in an eighties action movie.

Well, XIII is now getting the remaster treatment, with an expected launch in November of this year. It's confirmed for Switch and PS4 so far.

GRID Autosport is confirmed for the Switch

I've been playing a lot of Xenon Racers recently, as have my kids. I'll have my thoughts on the hyper-fast racer up on the site later this week (as well as information on my children's opinion on the Monstercat soundtrack. I can tell you something though, it really left me wanting for realistic sims on the console, especially ones with the Codemasters level of care.

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Codemasters, despite some press release hoo-haa, have released a trailer showing off the GRID Autosport gameplay, and also given us an idea of how the game will control when it releases. It looks stunning.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets its first fighter's pass character DLC and a major update

Joker, from the Persona series, became the first DLC character from the fighter's pass to release for Smash Ultimate, launching alongside a major update. The update added in a stage builder, video editor, and the functions to share these with players around the world.

Our very own Dave wrote a full breakdown for Joker, a guide to the stage builder, and some tips on how to best use the new download features.

Cups, Cats and Guns

Last week we pushed live previews for both Gato Roboto and My Friend Pedro. The two were part of the Devolver booth at EGX Rezzed earlier this year. One revolves around a cat in a mech suit while the other is an equally mundane occurrence — the story of a mute assassin who is under instruction from a talking banana.

Meanwhile Matt Forde, of Pocketgamer.biz popped over from next door and reviewed Cuphead, describing it as 'As cruel and glorious as it ever was'.

New Releases

The release line-up was particularly strong this week. Here's a select few pickings:

Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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A third person adventure RPG with a very cool grab-based combat system and some big beasties to fell. Some of the story sequences and voice acting leave a little to desire, but the combat and world design more than makes up for it.

Goat Punks
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Goats love climbing stuff (I think we all know that much is true) and King of the Hill is a fairly popular game mode in multiplayer games. Combine the two of these, and give the dominant goat super-powers, and you've gone down the exact design path the developers did. It's a local-multiplayer game about climbing hills and striking down you foes, nothing wrong with that.

You Died But a Necromancer Revived You
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Despite it's pithy, long name, You Died is anything but slow paced. It's a furiously-fast (read: masocore) puzzler where you must race through mazes to outrun and outmanoeuvre an ever increasing amount of traps. It's 1–4 players and is surprisingly cheap for the amount of fun that'll come from it.

Katana Zero
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We previewed Katana Zero a short while back, evangelising about its fantastic, fast-paced, fluid combat and some of the clever features which make it stand out from your standard action-platformers.

Cafeteria Nipponica

Kairosoft are at it again, I don't think they actually stop.

For those unaware of Kairosoft they were the pioneers of the modern wave of management games for mobile, creating Game Dev Story before the genre rapidly boosted back up into popularity.

Cafeteria Nipponica sees you sourcing ingredients, making menus and running your own restaurant, and it's all done in the eternal Kairosoft style. It would be so easy for them to load these games up with microtransactions and massive wait times, but they don't, they keep the flow steady and the content pacing perfect. Buy all of their games.

It's also available (as of about 7 years ago) on Android.

Hell is Other Demons
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If you're looking for a fast-paced arena platformer then you don't need to look any further.

Hell is Other Demons is frantic and unforgiving, with a mass of weapons and unlocks to gain as you keep pushing further and further on each attempt. Short round times make it perfect for the commute or for a lunch-break — but HR might want to know why you've been swearing so loudly in the breakroom.