Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cheats, tips - How to download stages, Miis and more

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate cheats, tips - How to download stages, Miis and more

Get downloading from the new Shared Content menu

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the game that just keeps giving. We thought we were being blessed when we saw the arrival of Joker in the game today, but that’s not all.

There’s loads of new things to see in the various menus of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the most exciting one undoubtedly being the new Shared Content feature.

Even if you’re not all that creative when it comes to making stages, Miis and more, you can still enjoy the fun with everyone else as you can download and use new stages and characters that people upload.

If you want to download content and have more fun with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we make it easy with this guide.

Where do I download Miis, Stages and more?

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has just had a big update, and not only does it bring Persona 5’s Joker into the game, it also gives you loads of new features to play around with, the most substantial one being the Shared Content feature.

With the new Shared Content menu, which you will find under the Online game modes, you will be able to browse and share a variety of brand-new content for everyone to enjoy.

If you love making fun videos in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, then this is your opportunity to share them with the world, and also view the videos made by other players.

If creating funky Miis is more your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that you can upload and download all kinds of Mii characters to use in the game.

Most exciting, perhaps, is the brand-new Stage Builder, though. Here you can make your own stages, complete with background and foreground layers, allowing you much more customisability than has been allowed by any other Smash Bros. Stage Builder before. I’m just happy that there are now Persona songs included in the mix, honestly.

Once you’re on the Shared Content tab you can flick through pages of content and download to your heart’s content, and once you’re done with that, maybe consider sharing your creations too?

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Sharing with the world

If you’re a content creator of sorts, then you can upload your Miis, videos, stages and more. But you won’t be doing it through the Shared Content tab.

Instead, go to the respective menu that you view that content in, whether that be the videos section of the Vault, or the Mii Creator. From here you should be able to access a sub-menu which allows you to post them.

You will also see a checkbox for when you share Smash Bros. content to social media too, which will include it in the Shared Content tab.

Video editor

You can now splice together your favourite replays and videos in a new video editor – which is amazing for you combo video creators out there.

You can splice together multiple clips you’ve captured in-game before uploading, so you can get creative with your videos even if you don’t own a capture card and video editing software. Thank goodness.

It’s quite the detailed video editor, but it’ll make the videos you share on the Shared Content tab even more impressive.

New content only

No, nothing before today, thanks. There’s been a balance patch in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and that means all of your older replays are now useless.

Not just that, they’re still useless, even if you saved the as video files. Viewable, yes, but usable? No.

That fancy new video editor will reject any Smash clips that you recorded on an older patch, so don’t even think about making a highlight reel of your older plays, you have got to start over.

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