Apple Arcade for kids and how to enable parental controls

Apple Arcade for kids and how to enable parental controls

The games available on Apple Arcade are immensely popular among kids. But parents may often question whether or not every title on the service is suitable for children, which is what we'll discuss today. 

All the games are featured on Apple Arcade have age ratings. This means the content in the game is judged and rated based on a variety of factors, such as whether or not there's a gratuitous amount of violence. If you've ever searched the Apple Arcade library, chances are you've spotted these age ratings. 

Let’s find out how you can find the age rating for each app so you can decide for yourself if it's appropriate for your kids.

How to find Age Ratings in Apple Arcade?

  • Open Apple Arcade on any of your Apple devices
  • Head to the list of game
  • Tap on any of the games or search for the desired title
  • Open the game page and on the top, near the download size, you will find its age rating.

Is there any way to stop kids from playing inappropriate games?

Currently, Apple Arcade has no options that restrict kids from playing mature games or from accessing content that is not suitable for their age. But, all iOS devices come with in-built parental control options in the iOS Screen Time settings.

How to enable parental controls in iOS devices?

The process is very simple, make sure to follow each step properly to enable it.

  • Open Settings and head to the Screen Time section
  • Tap on it and select Content and Privacy Restriction
  • In this menu, select Content Restriction and enter the passcode when prompted
  • Once you have entered the passcode, it will let you select the Age on the next menu
  • You can also add restrictions for the games in Game Centre, by following the same method