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Fallout Shelter: How to repair Mr. Handy

Jump right into this guide and learn how to fix your Mr. Handy in Fallout Shelter easily

Fallout Shelter: How to repair Mr. Handy

Fallout Shelter is the ultimate survival game available in the app store. Similar to the Fallout console series, Fallout Shelter players will be assigned their own vault (base), and then are given the freedom to create their own underground society. How awesome is that? Wait, it doesn't stop there.

Players are also given the chance to equip a Mr. Handy to their base. But Mr. Handy can be a little tricky when it comes to repairing him and understanding what he actually can do for your base. So, with that said, let's jump right into it and break down how to repair Mr. Handy and what he does for your vault.

Two vault characters killing an intruder

Like past Fallout games, Mr. Handy serves as a pretty useful tool and can be a big asset to your community. In Fallout console games, Mr. Handy would wander throughout the map and engage in any combat scenario as long as the fight was in the near area. Now, with Fallout Shelter, he will engage in fighting only when intruders have broken into your base.

In other words, if you decide to send Mr. Handy out to wander for loot, he will not engage in any combat situations. He will only fight inside your base against invaders until they are killed. Another to thing to mention is that Mr. Handy can only loot caps. I know, it's a huge bummer, but it's not all that bad. You need caps to upgrade base facilities and to fix your Mr. Handy.

Repair room and other vault rooms in Fallout Shelter

But how do you fix Mr. Handy? Don't worry, it's pretty simple. First things first; you can't heal Mr. Handy. He needs to die before he can be fully repaired and that costs 2,000 caps. It will take some time for him to die, considering he can only lose health when in combat against outsiders. When that time comes, you'll see a button appear next to him saying "Repair". Just click the repair button and Mr. Handy is back to 100% and ready to defend your base again. 

In my opinion, send Mr. Handy out to loot for caps until he reaches his 5,000 cap max, and then send him back to base. This will give you enough caps on hand to be ready to repair him twice, before going into panic trying to find the caps to repair him. Hope this helps. Now,  it's time to get back out there and survive the wastelands! And if you ever get bored of it, here are some games like Fallout Shelter that will awaken the same brain synapses.

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