Fallout Shelter cheats and tips - Everything you need to get started

Fallout Shelter cheats and tips - Everything you need to get started

The complete checklist on how to survive and thrive in Fallout Shelter

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Continuing the Fallout experience, Fallout Shelter brings the ultimate apocalypse experience to mobile gaming. Being challenged with tasks such as; how to design your base and vet dwellers into your community, Fallout Shelter is jam packed with exciting survival dilemmas that put you on the edge of your set.

If you're brand new to the game this is where you should start, with info on what to focus on when you get started and where to sort your new inhabitants.

It's hard being an overseer in the wasteland but with our tips you'll be the king of the crop before you know it. Read on for everything you need to get started in Fallout Shelter.

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Monitor your base vitals

Similar to the console series, as time passes, Fallout Shelter progresses, and you'll need to keep an eye on things in order to progress through the game.

You're tasked with keeping your community morale high. You'll need to manage your electricity distribution, water production, and food production. Once supplies have been produced you'll need to tap on them, and when workers can level up, you need to take a look for their stats to increase.

Most things will happen automatically, but of course, things can't progress unless you're there to monitor everything happening.

Complete missions

As you make your way through the game, your early progress will mainly be dictated by the missions you have available to you.

Missions will include tasks like having a certain number of inhabitants, pregnancies, or stocks of water, power and food.

These will have lunchbox and cash rewards which will lead to more expansions and items, so of course complete missions as quickly as you can.

Best for the job

You'll have a variety of dwellers arriving at your vault before you know it, and they each have their own tasks they'll be best at.

Make sure to click on each dweller you admit, to see which skills they are advanced in. You can even experiment by putting characters in different positions and seeing how productive that area becomes. Once you find the right job for a character, they'll be way happier and much more productive.

You might need to put characters in common rooms or change where they stay occasionally so they don't get bored or depressed, but once they've found the right job for them, they'll usually stay put.

Levelling up

Characters will get experience for a variety of activities, like just working and producing items and supplies, but also for successful rushes and defeating enemies.

If there's an emergency in a room, you can send characters from other rooms in to solve the problem and earn experience from it.

Once characters are ready to level you'll need to check them individually for their stats to increase, as mentioned, so keep checking in on them!

Send Dwellers to scavenge

After establishing some sort of community, you'll need to send dwellers from your vault into the wastelands to scavenge for other resources; guns, outfits, helmets etc.

Before ordering survivors to wander outside the base, make sure you have others still inside the base to produce food, water and electricity.

Lock and load

You may have the most well-designed, secure vault possible, but that won't stop intruders or creatures from breaking in. Throughout your Fallout Shelter journey, you'll inevitably encounter multiple ambushes.

That's why it's crucial to arm your entire community in every room possible. Keep in mind that invasions can start in any room at any time.

If you need any further help, here's how you can find the Mysterious Stranger and some of the best layouts for Fallout Shelter.

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