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Top Troops guide - a couple of useful tips for new players

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Top Troops guide - a couple of useful tips for new players

As most of you are already aware, this game has a lot of features and new players might take a while to get used to it. So we made a guide for Top Troops to assist you.

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We may be running out of ways to say "Here is a group of organisms that is good at being organised for battles", which could pose a problem for the average mobile game. So many titles rely on the idea of putting together an army or a team to fight other armies, usually depicted as being evil in some way. Of course, sometimes you're just fighting against other players who have their army teams to determine who's the strongest. This can involve long hours of grinding missions, building up resources, and hoping for good pulls from the word-of-the-day summoning screen. In that regard, Top Troops by Zynga could be considered traditional.

Welcome back to some random fantasy realm that is being slowly consumed by dark forces, literally called the Dark Army this time around. To get the numbers needed to fight and win all these battles, you'll need to gather and combine squads while building your territories to support them with empowering resources. Like with other games, you'll start strong and get a good feel for what works for you. Of course, there are many keys to victory, and these are the ones you should add to your keychain to boost your chances.

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Tip #1 - Keep Your Territories Organized

Preparing for battle in Top Troops

Since you've got a whole army to take care of, they need a place to stay. You can't just keep your units out in the field - they'll get cold. The good news is that you've got ownership over a piece of relatively untainted territory upon which you can build your kingdom. A lot of it just involves opening up space because your units will need places to stand. As your army grows and you get access to new buildings, it'll aid you significantly in keeping your kingdom clean and orderly. This will minimize the amount of time that you spend organising units and collecting much-needed resources.

Tip #2 - Formations Should Favour The Units

Unlocking new squad - Necromancer rat

Speaking of organising your units, this will come into play significantly not just at home, but away too. When you enter battle, your forces will always be on the left half while the enemy takes the right. As you start to get more units to deploy, you may think that numbers and power are all that it takes to win a fight, but you'd be wrong. From the fastest to the slowest units, all of them have their ways of engaging the enemy. Always arrange your army formations to aid them in engaging the enemy as quickly and effectively as possible.

Tip #3 - Use Territory Battles For Training

Do you think that the story missions are the only important battles? Of course not! There's also the war at home in your very own kingdom. Certain parts of the territory will be covered in a transparent fog that lightly obscures treasures and additional units. This fog exists because some dark army forces are occupying the land. You can choose to fight them whenever you want to gain rewards and more territory. Unlike story battles, these are unranked, meaning you don't need to worry about getting a perfect score. Take the opportunity to practice different formations and counters to unfamiliar enemy units.

Tip #4 - Always Have An Upgrade Going

Campaign map in Top Troops

You'll end up building a vast army and unlocking more units faster than you build more buildings. You can't have a kingdom without structure, but you'll get some of the base structures early on. These will have to last you for a while, especially if you're not trying to get premium on this game. They perform the usual passive duties such as generating gold, unit tokens, and units themselves. Because of that, make sure you always have one of them undergoing some type of upgrade, and then you can spend some time gathering gold to get another upgrade going when the work is done.

Tip #5 - Merge Everything That You Can

Victory screen with rewards

This game about raising an army to fight an evil army and other player armies takes a page from another popular type of mobile game: The Puzzle Merger. The goal of those games is to combine similar entities to get new ones and then combine those new ones to get newer ones and so on. This is a key mechanic used here to strengthen your units and form squads so that you can take more power into battle. You can also merge chests to get even bigger rewards. Tap something in your territory and all those that match it exactly will be highlighted so that you can keep on merging and merging to bigger, better, stronger, and faster things.

Tip #6 - Alternate Between Attack And Counterattack Plans

A battle with Dark Army - units charging

The usual tactics that come into play when in these types of battles is to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers or power. However, limitations will come into play to reduce the numbers you can use while also throwing difficult enemy types and formations at you. You can always retry fights as long as you have the energy, meaning you can learn exactly how the enemy will move. Based on this, you can decide whether it's more effective to go on the offensive or to rely on defensive units to receive the attack. When you know how the enemy will move, you can easily stonewall them.

These six tips will be more than useful for every player who has just started the game, and with the last one, we are closing off our Top Troops guide. For similar content, take a peek at the Infinite Craft guide and Love and Deepspace guide. And if you'd like to read something more specific, we have explained who you need to sentence in Yes, Your Grace.

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