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Best layouts for Fallout Shelter - each layer is important

Best layouts for Fallout Shelter - each layer is important

In Fallout Shelter, you need to manage your base correctly to make your shelter work effectively - and when you're a beginner, it's pretty challenging to build your base properly. Even some experienced players also make mistakes while planning their shelter, so they later try to move rooms.

In this guide, you will find the best layouts for Fallout Shelter. Also, there will be some advanced tips that will allow you to make an effective base on your own.


Let's get started with the first piece of advice.

Manage learning rooms

The fact is that learning rooms are one of the most useless rooms in Fallout Shelter. Therefore, you should limit the number of such places depending on how many children you will have in your shelter. And if you have a complete base with 200 dwellers, you can remove all learning rooms from your base.

Fallout Shelter learning rooms layout

Place living quarters and storage rooms at the bottom

Unfortunately, various accidents might happen while you are playing Fallout Shelter. The problem is that the bottom layers are much more likely to be damaged, and as storage rooms and living quarters are always empty, you should place them on the lower layers. By destroying these rooms, you will lose much fewer resources, which is important.

Fallout Shelter living rooms layout

Separate the rooms

In Fallout Shelter, there are 2 types of rooms. The first rooms are those which you use actively, and the second rooms are cheap rooms which you do not use. You only need to separate both types. Doing so will significantly help you in managing your shelter.

Be careful

It is the simplest but the most effective advice on this list. The point is that in Fallout Shelter, there is no move button. Therefore, if you incorrectly place the room, the only option is to destroy it and build again, which might take a lot of time and resources. So, just think a lot before constructing a room in Fallout Shelter.


Now that you're aware of these valuable tips that might come in handy while constructing a shelter, it's time to find the best layout for beginners and experienced players. 

The first three rooms you should build are Power Station, Water Treatment and Diner. All 3 rooms should be put in a row, and there are 2 reasons why you need to do so.

First, it will allow you to concentrate on the most potent citizens here and efficiently defend against raiders' attacks. The second one is that it will enable you to deal with accidents fast.

Once done, you need to build your Residence separately. It might create some problems with managing the base, but it will allow you to survive during accidents or raids. Moreover, in the future, you will be able to move your residence. Also, below the Residence room, you should build the Storage room for the same reasons.

After you unlock Medbay and Science lab, you should build them above the residence. And when you build both these rooms, you can unlock Overseer’s Office and Radio Studio, which should be built under the Storage Room. Also, you should expand the room size while opening new rooms.

Lastly, you should know that avoiding building rooms on the 2 upper layers is recommended. And if you follow all our advice, your base will look similar to the image below. It is the best option you can construct with limited resources.


And the last thing you can find in our guide on the best Fallout Shelter layouts is the layout for experienced players. This layout includes much more rooms, so it's way more complex. 

Top Layer

The top layer of your base should be dedicated to resource-generating rooms. One of the most critical rooms here is Nuka-Cola Bottler and Medbay. Also, you should place rooms with the most potent dwellers here. It will allow you to defend against enemies' attacks easily.

Mid Layer

The mid-layer should be the most significant part of your shelter. Here, you need to place all additional rooms necessary to be included in your base. For example, you can have Barber Shop, Radio, Learning, and other rooms. Moreover, in addition to ordinary rooms, you have to leave 2 to 3 free slots for resource generation - it's one of the most crucial things in Fallout Shelter.

Bottom Layer

The bottom layer should include the least essential rooms in Fallout Shelter. Here, you need to put 5 Barracks, Storage Rooms, Medbays, Science Labs, and other buildings that allow your citizens to survive. With such a layout, your dwellers will be pretty happy, as in the screenshot below.

Complete Fallout Shelter room layout

In conclusion, base layout is one of the most essential things to focus on in Fallout Shelter, and on every stage of the game, the layout of the ideal base is different.

In this guide, you found out about the best shelter layouts for beginners and experienced players. If you found this guide helpful, feel free to share it with friends - plus, while you're here, make sure to check our Fallout Shelter cheats and tips guide.