Fallout Shelter gets new update to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary

Prepare for the future

Fallout Shelter gets new update to celebrate the series' 25th anniversary
  • Fallout is 25 years-old!
  • Enjoy new, fresh content in Fallout Shelter, the hit mobile game from Bethesda
  • New Dwellers, new Rooms and more await you

It's a great time to be a Fallout fan. Wait, who am I kidding? It's always a good time to be a Fallout fan! A series where arguing incessantly about the franchise you love is half the fun; whether New Vegas truly is God's gift to gaming, whether Fallout Tactics was a hidden gem or trash, chatting about the amazing design and...not-so-amazing base-building of Fallout 4.

And I'm sure there's a Brotherhood of Steel for the PlayStation 2 fan somewhere.

But how could we forget Fallout Shelter? Bethesda's first majorly successful foray into mobile gaming (aside from the Elder Scrolls Adventures series) is getting fresh updates not only for the series 25th anniversary, but also for Amazon Prime's new hit Fallout series that's sure to not inspire any vociferous arguments about lore and continuity whatsoever.

From cult hit to bonafide blockbuster
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It's hard to know what Interplay would've thought if you told them more than 25 years ago that their up-and-coming top-down CRPG would come to be the cornerstone of a humungous franchise. Fallout 1, 2 and its spin-offs were certified classics of the PC-gaming world, and with the release of Fallout 3, the franchise's new owners Bethesda revamped the series for the modern age.

Naturally, sequels followed, with spin-off Fallout: New Vegas bringing back series alumni for a fan and critic-favourite title. Fallout 4, although somewhat more divisive brought the series into the next-gen and revamped it into more of an action RPG. While Fallout 76 stumbled and fell flat on its face out of the gate, only to claw its way back to a semblance of popularity.

But if there's anything that proved to be a surprise hit, it was the base-building spin-off Fallout Shelter. And yes, now you can enjoy new content after a years-long drought in Fallout Shelter. So log into Fallout Shelter (not forgetting our tips and tricks) now to enjoy new rooms, new Dwellers like Lucy and The Ghoul from the new Amazon series to recruit and new quests to explore. Check it out now, and Prepare for the Future.

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