Explorer Legend – CBT is a pop-series side-scrolling game where you control multiple characters simultaneously, out now on Android

Explorer Legend – CBT is a pop-series side-scrolling game where you control multiple characters simultaneously, out now on Android

Explorer Legend – CBT is a brand new pop-series side-scrolling idle mobile game designed with an easy and free-flowing control mechanism. It also promises a unique and innovative class system that claims to provide a diverse gameplay experience.

Explorer Legend – CBT has been developed by Benana, who have produced several popular sims like Pocket Dungeon and Idle School Tycoon.

Game features

Explorer Legend – CBT features a full-map capturing function that aims to break the complex traditional gameplay of horizontal unfolding. It offers a one-finger control system that looks to provide a pressure-free and engaging experience.

A new combat mode allows you to control five characters simultaneously and match the combat features of all roles as you wish. Naturally, an all-around team with multiple attributes would be a perfect combination for winning each battle.

Explorer Legend – CBT offers a lot of customization options, with various well-designed fashions and wings available for selection, along with funny dialogue boxes and special effects for damage numbers. You will get a chance to develop a personal style of your choice.

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Different kinds of cool and gorgeous mounts can also be selected such as hot air balloons, stylish sports cars, and even amazing robots. Any of these mounts can be used for exploration.

You will also have the option to make new friends and chat with each other through various interactive elements and guild systems. Another notable feature of Explorer Legend – CBT worth mentioning is that it will offer permanent free VIP service, which will require no payment. With it, you can enjoy member-exclusive fashions, elves and multiple other privileges.

Game download

Explorer Legend – CBT is currently available in limited countries which are not specified. Therefore, you can check the Google Play link to see if it is available. The game's APK is also available if you cannot download it from Google Play. However, we don't encourage downloading APKs. Instead, we suggest waiting for the official launch to ensure you don't run into any unwanted issues.

Final Words

Explorer Legend – CBT is designed for casual gamers. It offers a lot of features from a customization and social perspective as well, and it overall looks like it could satisfy its target audience.

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