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Epic Seven guide for beginners

Epic Seven guide for beginners
| Epic Seven

The longer a game exists, the more complex it becomes. This year, Epic Seven is celebrating its third anniversary - and if you compare the current version of the game with the one that began 3 years ago, you might be pretty surprised by how significantly it has changed.

It might be challenging for beginners to learn how to play the game correctly, but luckily, we've created this Epic Seven guide where you can find out everything you need to know as a beginner. Also, make sure to check our list of working Epic Seven codes as well.


Epic Seven team creation

Even though most players undervalue the choice of the first team, it's vital to opt for the best characters in Epic Seven from the start. The fact is that starting characters play one of the most critical roles here - if you choose weak characters, it would be pretty challenging to pass through the beginning parts of the game. Continue reading the guide to find out about the best Epic Seven heroes for beginners.


Even though Vildred is one of the oldest heroes in Epic Seven, choosing him is still the perfect option for beginners. He's one of the best farming units for those who are just starting out, but there's another reason why you need to pick him. The fact is that this hero will give your team a speed boost. As such, Vildred can be easily used for PvP, and his AoE attacks might significantly help while killing bosses in Banshee Hunt.


One of the main reasons why you should choose Sigret is her skills. The fact is that this hero can boast one of the best skills in the game. Her third skill ignores the opponent's defence, and if you stack 7 and more debuffs, she will completely ignore the enemy's defence.


Just like Vildred, Iseria is one of the oldest heroes in Epic Seven. Her second skill allows you to reset any skill, which is pretty effective if you use her in combination with some attacker. Her third skill is the ability to dispel and debuff, which lets you fight against enemies with increased stats easily. The last skill is defence break, and while it's not as great as the 2 previous skills, it's still a pretty good ability against tanks.

Epic Seven combat


When you've picked the characters to choose at the start, it's time to focus on your gear. Equipment allows you to empower the central stats of your character significantly and slightly improve some weak points, and every class has its unique type of gear.

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For example, you must choose speed/hp/hp or hp/hp/hp for tanks and healers. If you are a more active player, choose speed as the first buff. However, if you like more passive gameplay, choose hp for all 3 slots. For DPS units, there is only 1 pick: atk/atk/crit dmg. Of course, remember to take into account that it is way harder to play by attackers.

However, choosing gear is only a small part of the whole process. To be powerful, you need to upgrade gear as well. Of course, improving gear is pretty expensive, but it allows you to become better than other players.


In most video games, the main questline might not be worth your attention too much, but in Epic Seven, the situation is different. You can get various valuable resources in this game simply by completing the storyline, which is pretty exciting. Of course, the rewards you reap from the very beginning might not be too stellar - to get real benefits from the questline, you must become powerful and complete really hard missions. For example, you can choose Moonlight Summon by completing the Chapter 1 10-10 scenario. And from this summon, you can get Arbiter Vildred, one of the best farmers for the middle game.

Map in Epic Seven


The last thing you need to know about Epic Seven is what hunt progression to choose. Even though this question is simple for experienced players, many beginners get stuck when making this choice. And the best choice as a first hunt is Wyvern. Also, if you have units with high DPS, you might choose Golem hunt.

After you complete these hunt progressions, you can opt for other hunts such as Banshee, Azimanak, and Caides. These hunts provide better rewards. However, they are more PvP-oriented. Therefore, completing them will be much more challenging than Golem and Wyvern hunts.

If you compare the current version of Epic Seven with this game three years ago, you will instantly notice how significantly this game has changed. There are various new items, characters, and mechanics, and the fact is that these factors make this game much more complicated for beginners. We hope that by reading this Epic Seven guide, we've helped make your starting days a bit easier.