Epic Mecha Girls is an anime RPG with mecha fights, out now on Android

Epic Mecha Girls is an anime RPG with mecha fights, out now on Android
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Viva Games Studios' brand new anime RPG Epic Mecha Girls has officially launched on Android

About the game

Epic Mecha Girls is a new anime RPG with epic robot battles. It has been developed by Viva Games Studio, who have previously released Gummy Bear Aqua Park, Cover Fire: Offline Shooting and Run Forrest Run. In it, you embark on an adventure, defeating numerous bosses and enemies. You need to build up your team, considering the heroes' powers, excellence, and skills to win battles.

In Epic Mecha Girls, you will unlock tons of characters and skins as you progress. Besides this, you will also equip weapons, armour, and magical items to improve stats and equally merge heroes and mechas to accelerate strength, speed, and defense. There will be different missions waiting for you. The items and heroes are different and limited in time. You need to defeat robots to win fantasy items and prizes. Enjoy the turn-based battles or raids with the best characters available as you progress.

The graphics look pretty solid, and the background music and the character's designs are also impressive.

Epic Mecha Girls features a PvP arena where you take your powerful mecha team and fight against other players in real-time. Defeating others will reward you with items and prizes, which you can use to upgrade your robots. There are also extreme modes available for hardcore gamers.

Epic Mecha Girls is now available on Android

The Epic Mecha Girls is now officially available on Android worldwide, and you can get it from Google Play. It offers challenging levels, raids while you can face bosses and other characters in PvP fights. It is a free-to-play game with optional in-app purchases.

Unfortunately, there are no updates regarding Epic Mecha Girls' iOS version. We will let you know if any news arrives.

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