Eggy Party soft launches in the Philippines with new Doggy Dash season

Eggy Party soft launches in the Philippines with new Doggy Dash season

Recently, NetEase Games launched Eggy Party, a casual-friendly party mobile game in the Philippines. To commemorate its release, the developers are introducing the new Doggy Dash season, which brings summertime sports fun to the game.

The Doggy Dash season on Eggy Party is set to make the game an athlete’s paradise as it adds multiple sports like archery, basketball, obstacle course, and track events, albeit with a cute twist. In archery, players must showcase their marksman skills by knocking off others using flaming arrows. In basketball, they must prevent the other team from scoring more points than they do.

Participating in the obstacle course will be no easy task as it is full of hazards like huge swinging boxing gloves. Think of it as American Ninja Warrior but with Eggies. The track meet is also a race to the finish, but it’s more about survival than coming first. In order to win, players must hold onto the trophy for as long as they can. Now whether it is earned cleanly or by stealing someone else’s, it doesn’t matter.

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Hooray for Eggies is the final sport, which has been created to test players’ rhythm and timing. It involves repeating a cheerleader’s moves. Sounds easy, but when she ramps up the speed and makes the movements more complex, that’s when all the slowpokes will be weeded out.

But what’s on the other side of the finish line? Winning in these special seasonal activities will reward players with unique collectables and Sports Coins, which can be exchanged for valuable prizes. High-rankers will also be awarded with the Dog Paw Sports Outfits, Baseball Bat, and Pitcher Avatar Frame.

Release your inner athlete by downloading Eggy Party now for free and participate in the Doggy Dash season. The game is currently available on Android in the Philippines only, with more platforms and regions being added soon.

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