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Eggy Party: Reasons to play this hilarious new party game for iOS and Android

Eggy Party: Reasons to play this hilarious new party game for iOS and Android

While you might feel like chucking eggs at your friends can be hilariously therapeutic, NetEase Games takes it up a notch by turning you and your friends into eggs - with the game doing all the chucking. In Eggy Party, you'll run, roll, and manoeuvre your way out of sticky situations as wacky eggs across even wackier worlds - and if that's not enough to get you into this rowdy party game, here are a few more reasons why you should.

Ridiculous fun across egg-splosive levels

This casual party game not only lets you compete against other players-slash-eggs in ridiculous mini-games, but it also lets you do so across vibrant visuals and in an adorable art style. Easy to dive into for players of all ages, Eggy Party is made for mobile and optimised for touchscreens, letting you race to the finish line against all odds just to be the last Eggy standing.

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You'll go head-to-head with other eggs while avoiding all kinds of over-the-top obstacles like giant eggs hurtling towards you. A word of caution: broken shells and egg splats are inevitable!

Eggy Party: Codes: If you're looking for codes then look no further!

Egg-citing worlds to egg-splore

Eggy Island is filled with all sorts of whimsical places to discover, with everything from gorgeous amusement parks to totally chill forests. You can hang out with other Eggy friends with the game's convenient social system, because even eggs need to take a break (pun intended) every once in a while.

For the more creatively inclined players, you can also flex your building skills with the Eggy Workshop - a vibrant avenue that lets you tinker around with different elements on the road to crafting your own level. Then, you can flaunt your masterpieces in the map editor, and torture your friends by adding the most ridiculous environmental hazards that'll challenge their egg-rolling prowess.

How do you like your eggs?

Of course, we all have our own ways to enjoy our eggs in real life, and in Eggy Party, you can do the same by customising your Eggy to suit your tastes best. You can dress up your Eggy with cute outfits and expressions, or bring them to life with a variety of emotes. Then, you can enjoy your personalised Eggy by riding the Ferris wheel, bouncing on the trampoline, or even rolling around on the football field.

Are you ready to uncover all the realms, team up with friends to take on challenges, and see everything the Eggyverse has to offer? You can join in on all the fun by downloading Eggy Party from the App Store and Google Play Store today. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.