Eggy Party hits major milestone with over 100,000,000 user-generated maps

Eggy Party hits major milestone with over 100,000,000 user-generated maps
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  • Hit battle-royale Eggy Party has over 100 million user-generated maps
  • It was revealed during a talk at GDC discussing the appeal of UGC
  • So why's this making it so popular?

Eggy Party, the hit mobile battle royale, now has over 100 million user-generated maps, it has been revealed. During a talk at GDC 2024 called “Keep It Simple, Make It Fun - Creative Thinking With User-generated Content,” two top bosses for Eggy Party discussed how it had become hugely popular in part due to user-generated content.

The meaning of that term is pretty simple, it just means things - whether that be maps, skins or anything else - created for users, by users. According to the talk at GDC, over 60% of players used content creation tools like Egg Code and the AIGC. The enthusiasm was partially helped by the creator incentive program, which rewards content creators for their efforts.

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It's no surprise that UGC is so popular in something like Eggy Party. Mods have been immensely popular for years, but it seems only recently that games themselves have fully embraced the ability for players to create their own content. Maybe the reticence to do so was partially out of fear, that they couldn't then sell more content to players if they were making their own. But for titles like Eggy Party, the benefit of us playing more often is apparently too much to ignore.

Even stuff like the trailer above for an egg-painting contest is arguably a form of UGC. While it may be argued that the focus on UGC takes advantage of users to plug content gaps it is good to see things like creator incentive programs.

And if you do fancy getting into Eggy Party after reading about this, get a head-start on the rest of the pack with our list of Eggy Party Gift Codes. Or check out one of the previous map-creation contests for Eggy Party to get an idea of what kind of content users have made!

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