Eggy Party, a new casual-friendly party game from NetEase, is set to launch for the Philippines very soon

Eggy Party, a new casual-friendly party game from NetEase, is set to launch for the Philippines very soon
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NetEase has announced the release date for their upcoming casual party game Eggy Party, slated for an April 21st release in the Philippines. This new party game sees players participating in a wide variety of different mini-games, akin to something like Mario Party, where the objective of each stage is different than the last.

The mobile game scene has been shockingly lacking in party games as of late. I don’t necessarily mean social games, but instead titles like the aforementioned Mario Party. These types of games used to be a hit, but they seem to have never really reached mobile devices in the same way.

Eggy Party is looking to change that, utilising a style of gameplay that mixes that sort of thing with something like Fall Guys. You’ll queue up for a match, get into said match with a bunch of other players, and survive each stage’s objective until each player is eliminated and one is left standing by the end. It’s a quasi-battle royale meets Mario Party, and is sure to be a hit once it does finally launch.

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A feature that Eggy Party has and Fall Guys does not, however, is the Eggy Workshop. This is essentially a custom map builder, allowing players to create their own stages with their own objectives. This is sure to create some truly unique experiences, and will likely allow Eggy Party to live on for quite some time.

Add in the ability to customise your little egg character and make them your own, showing off your own style and personality, and there’s the motivation to win these matches. The shop will likely be a rotating type of storefront if they take after Fall Guys for that one too, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

In the meantime, you can check out the official website for a deeper look at this cute little party game!

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