Eggy Party players in China must use facial recognition tech to make unlimited in-app purchases

Users in China who spend RMB 328 will need to be verified before making more purchases

Eggy Party players in China must use facial recognition tech to make unlimited in-app purchases
  • NetEase Games will now require users in China to use facial recognition tech
  • The new measure aims to stop youths from making purchases without adult consent
  • Eggy Party is the first game to implement the measure

Developer NetEase Games is attempting to limit spending within its casual game Eggy Party through the use of facial recognition technology. The company announced the change on April 29th, 2024, via a Responsible Payment Initiative notice. The new initiative is in line with Chinese anti-addiction laws.

Players who spend over RMB 198, the equivalent of $27, will be sent a responsible payment reminder showing them how much they spent. Before making any more purchases in the game, you will need to acknowledge that they have viewed the notice.

To further promote responsible spending, users who spend RMB 328 ($45) in a 24-hour period will be restricted from making any more purchases unless they use they pass facial recognition verification.

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Most app stores support facial recognition. However, if you live in China and downloaded Eggy Party from the Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, or Xiaomi stores, you will have a daily spending limit of RMB 328 until said stores are updated to support facial recognition.

NetEase Games will also implement lower daily spending caps for any account that it views as high risk. This isn't the company's first policy meant to prevent reckless spending. A week prior to issuing the initiative, the developer stated that users over the age of 70 must use facial recognition when registering for a game. The rule is meant to stop young users from impersonating adults in order to make in-app purchases.

Eggy Party is a casual party royale game in which you play as an adorable egg and compete in various obstacle courses and arenas. The game features multiple mini-games for you to enjoy as well as abilities for you to unlock. In between matches, you can explore Eggy Town where you can participate in activities like concerts and soccer games or chill with friends.

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Eggy Party is available now on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about the game and keep up with all the latest updates, visit the game’s official website or follow it on Facebook, Discord, Instagram, X (Twitter), or YouTube.

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