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Echotations is a silly but fun sound-imitating party game out now on iOS and Android

Echotations is a silly but fun sound-imitating party game out now on iOS and Android

Echotations, indie game developer C3BGames’ sound-based party game, is out now on both iOS and Android devices. While parties and social gatherings are a little on the scarcer side nowadays since the pandemic started, Echotations makes for a different kind of family game everyone can enjoy from the comfort of their own homes.

The rules of Echotations are simple - players compete to imitate sounds as best as they can, and whoever masters a specific sound in the most accurate way wins. It’s basically a game where you’re allowed to be as silly as possible with your family and friends, fostering a positive and fun-filled atmosphere with every playthrough.

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Who makes the coolest wolf howls or the best pig snorts? How awesome is your doggie bark or your kitty meow? Compare sounds with your competitors and see who gets a 100% score across three difficulty levels within the game. Up to nine players can take turns trying to imitate sounds from the app, with 300+ sounds to master and hours of fun to see who gives the best performance. Players can also create and record their own sounds that are limited only by their own imagination.

If you fancy having a good laugh with your family and friends, Echotations is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play for free (and it’s ad-free too!). Suitable for all ages, the game can also be played even without an internet connection, so there’s really no stopping anyone who wants to put their imitation skills to the test.

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