Dumb Ways to Survive is a spin-off to the hit series coming exclusively to Netflix Games

The game challenges you to survive out in the wilderness

Dumb Ways to Survive is a spin-off to the hit series coming exclusively to Netflix Games
  • Dumb Ways to Die's new spin-off, Dumb Ways to Survive, is coming soon to Netflix Games
  • Rather than solving puzzles, you need to survive when you become lost in the wilderness
  • You'll test your smarts to see if you die a dummy or survive

The hit puzzle series Dumb Ways to Die is returning with a brand new instalment. This time, however, it takes you not to random accident spots, but out into the wilderness. Dumb Ways to Survive will challenge your smarts to help your 'bean' (the player characters in the series) survive with their smarts, or die thanks to their dumbness. It's coming soon, exclusively to Netflix Games.

Dumb Ways to Die was originally a viral safety campaign in Melbourne, Australia. Created to help inform and reduce accidents on the city's Metro, it proved to be a major hit, both for its message and for the catchy theme tune. So it was only natural the campaign made the jump to games, and it's since gone on to spawn multiple iterations.

Good Ways to Survive
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We're excited to see another entry in the Dumb Ways to Die series, although we're yet to see gameplay that'll indicate how this differs. Although given previous entries in the series, we can probably guess that it'll offer the same brain-teasing puzzles based on simple, logical ways to avoid, well, dying. For Netflix fans, it's an added bonus that the game is coming to their service, indicating that there's not going to be a slowdown in the number of new titles being added anytime soon.

Dumb Ways to Survive is coming soon, exclusively to Netflix Games.

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