Dumb Ways to Die introduces new Halloween Haunt event with loads of activities

Dumb Ways to Die introduces new Halloween Haunt event with loads of activities

PlaySide Studios has just released a new update for Dumb Ways to Die right in time for Halloween. Players can celebrate the spooky festival with their favourite characters as they participate in several limited-time events. In addition, a new short video series is also being launched on the game’s YouTube channel.

Both Dumb Ways to Die and Dumb Ways to Die 4 are gearing up for a chilling Halloween as the former receives an eerie makeover while the latter is updated with brand-new minigames. Players will embark on an adorably frightening journey as they eliminate spectres, rebuild skeletons, and dodge all lurking dangers to reach their destination safely.

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The new short video series on YouTube aims to elevate the already awesome content present on the channel. A bunch of new tales are being released, each delving into the humorous adventures the Beans have gone on. Expect some lore-building as well and the clips will explore their backstory as well as their quirky shenanigans.

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The videos kicked off with the misadventures of Mishap and his pet snake and will be followed by Halloween Haunt, which has been created specifically for the festival. It’s Clod’s favourite time of the year and he can be seen clearly enjoying his surroundings. The short has been inspired by the cult classic horror movie, Scream, so be sure to keep an eye out for easter eggs.

Dumb Ways to Die became increasingly popular after going viral on TikTok. The game still retains a massive following and has amassed more than six million followers with over two billion views on the official account. This number will keep going up at least until the Halloween event remains live.

For Dumb Ways to Die, the event will run until November 1st while it ends on November 4th for Dumb Ways to Die 4.

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