DragonSky, the idle-shooter RPG, adds cross-play for iOS and Android users

DragonSky, the idle-shooter RPG, adds cross-play for iOS and Android users

Com2uS has announced that their idle-shooter RPG, DragonSky, now supports cross-play for its Android and iOS players. DragonSky has now received a global integration server now the two mobile OS’ to battle it out against each other and the update to enable this is available now.

Along with this, Com2uS had also launched an event to celebrate the introduction of cross-play to their game.

Match Puzzle Event - A new 3-match puzzle has been added to the game for quicker upgrades. Match rewards horizontally or vertically to get a chance to actually win them as well. You have a limited number of turns to play every day but can obtain more from purchasing with gems or fighting legendary bosses.

Special Login Event - There are 7 rewards waiting for you when you log in for 7 days within the next two weeks. Each day you log in you will get Shiny Neutral Dragon x3, Star Seal x400, Shiny Fire Dragon x3, Star Seal x400, Shiny Water Dragon x3, Star Seal x700 and Shiny Wood Dragon x3 in that order. Note that it will reset after 7 days so you can get twice the rewards if you log in every day for the next 14 days!

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Another daily login bonus can be obtained by logging in every day between 10 am and 11 pm until 17th August. You can get up to 100 Tier 10 Dragons and other items used for upgrades.

New Fire Attribute - Obtain Igsiiz, the new fire attribute dragon who shoots explosive fireballs on his enemies. Use it during the dungeons event from August 10th-24th to obtain more rewards.

Legion Elimination System - Every week, battle against a selected legion and beat them to earn special rewards.

DragonSky is an idle-shooter mobile RPG that involves players collecting and growing dragons to make them compete against other players' dragons. You can download it for free on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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