New special character Elesis’s alter ego Elesis(S) comes to GrandChase

The game is hosting events surrounding the new character.

New special character Elesis’s alter ego Elesis(S) comes to GrandChase
  • GrandChase has introduced new Special Hero Elesis (S).
  • Elesis(S) is an alter-ego of Elesis.
  • The game is hosting a special summons event.

GrandChase developer KOG Games has released a new Special Hero, Elesis(S). Along with her release, new events have been added, which KOG Games promises will aid player progression.

GrandChase is a side-scrolling action RPG featuring anime-inspired graphics. Choose your favourite character, build your loadout, and take down your foes. You can join a guild and fight by your friend’s side on Dual Raids. GrandChase also features an in-depth story, fully-voiced characters, and a variety of solo gameplay modes. You can even battle other Chasers in PvP.

Elesis(S) is an alter ego of Elesis born from her despair. Elesis(S) must constantly relive Elesis's trauma. To end her constant torment and achieve peace, this new alter-ego plans to kill Elesis. An assault Hero, Elesis(S), is a great at PvE. She works best with ranger heroes and features the Retribution attribute that deals damage over time and buffs an ally's offense and defense.

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If you participated in the Pre-Registration event, you can now log in to GrandChase and begin the new event through which you’ll earn Special Hero Elesis(S). The event also promises to help you reach +15 transcendence, Chaser Rank 25 and Soul Imprint Rank 15.

Additionally, you can redeem your pre-registration coupon to get Elesis(S) Costume Suit Avatar and Elesis(S) Effect Profile Border. You can nab all these items by going to the System Mal tab of your in-game mailbox.
KOG Games promises there will be multiple events featuring the new special hero. Beyond the Elesis(S) Character Story Event and Onwards with Elesis(S), GrandChase will also host a special summon event through which you can summon up to 280 heroes at no cost.

GrandChase is now available on the App Store and Google Play. To learn more about the game and to keep up with all the latest news, visit the game's official website.

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